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Stressing out about growth scans

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Vida32 Mon 20-Mar-17 11:47:20

I had a MW appointment a couple of weeks ago (31 weeks) and they measured static growth, so sent me for a growth scan the next day. I know (from Mumsnet!) that the fundal measurements are only an estimate, so I was pretty chilled out about it, went to the scan and all was fine. Baby measuring very much average for dates.

They booked me in to see the MW again today at 33 weeks just to check how things are going and I've measured exactly the same as last time (so that's 4 weeks with no change in measurements). So, another growth scan this afternoon. For some reason, I'm suddenly really stressed, even though I know all the same things apply about it just being an estimate. I think last time I thought it was 'one of those things' and now it's 'two of those things', it's starting to really worry me. Also I'd been worrying since the growth scan that I wasn't getting bigger and persuaded myself that it was all in my head - but perhaps not?

Plus I didn't have my usual MW today and it really affected me - I know it's obviously not possible to have the same person every time but this was someone I'd never met before and I just didn't find them reassuring (though I'm sure that's more me than them). And for the first time so far they tested my urine and found both protein and leukocytes, so I might have an infection as well.

I know this is really all small stuff compared to dealing with actual major complications but I'm having a big emotional wobble now.

Anyone else repeatedly measure small?

GreekBearingGifts Mon 20-Mar-17 12:02:57

Hi there, firstly, I understand why you are worried and stressed and I would be too, as it's not clear if there is actually anything to be concerned about.

I measured big rather than small and there was an equal measure of concern and extra scans/tests around potential causes of that too. In the event baby was absolutely fine, just very big!

I would try and take it as a really positive sign that you are having good medical care and they are looking into any possible non-textbook measurement. Try to look at it that it is far better than they are over cautious than miss something, then try not to second guess. Write down any questions you have for the midwife or sonographer - particularly anything really worrying you - and if they can't answer fully then ask to speak to the consultant.

I've had so many friends told they are measuring small and then baby an average size, or small and totally fine. Obstetrics understandably tend to be very conservative and cautious and I actually find it very reassuring.

Good luck and I hope all goes well for the rest of your pregnancy xx

harleysmammy Mon 20-Mar-17 13:07:32

My baby is measuring 39 weeks on scan and 7 lb 12 fundal height is still 34 which is bang on how many weeks i am. They're all estimated, even scanssmile x

jel2014 Mon 20-Mar-17 14:55:56

Hi. Yes this is me for both my pregnancies so you are not alone. First time my fundal measurements were always out so always got sent for scans. I ended up being induced as final scan at 40 weeks slowed reduced growth. He was born at 6.2 and is now a very healthy 20 month old and has never looked back. With my second I've been scanned regularly every 4 weeks due to my first dc being small. I'm being induced on Wednesday, this time at 37 weeks as growth has again tailed off. They think the baby is better off out than in. I'm currently measuring 4 weeks behind on the fundal measurement.

Some people have a small bump or just grow small babies. I think I'm both! It's great they are scanning and keeping an eye on you. Hopefully you will be fine but if they do induce then it's because of the greater information they have. Try not to worry

Vida32 Mon 20-Mar-17 16:57:55

Thanks all. jel2014 - really hope all goes wonderfully well for you with the induction. Thanks for sharing your experience - that's really helpful.

Scan done and all looks fine. Baby has grown and appears to be on track as very average, so not even particularly small by the measurements. Sonographer just said it happens to some people that they consistently measure small around the bump and to come in if I any concerns about movement. Feeling a bit better but still a bit worried about where I'll be come my next MW appointment in a fortnight. The main thing is they are on track as of today.

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