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Advice please - food poisoning at 37 weeks

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Tootsmcgee Mon 20-Mar-17 08:47:03

Hi. My partner and I both threw up last night (I'd eaten a full English cooked by him and then we'd gone out for birthday tea and I threw up my nice meal about 1.5 hours later.) I think partner has given me food poisoning because he used a griddle pan to make the full English that hadn't been washed 🙈 I threw up last night and felt nausea All night but managed to sleep from midnight till 7pm. My stomach still feels queasy but I've had some weetabix this morning and can keep water down. Bump is moving, but not as active as he/she has been. Should I go get checked out? I've kept weetabix down etc and not thrown up since last night. Advice please!

Emma2803 Mon 20-Mar-17 08:56:09

I would maybe give your midwife a call just to be on the safe side. Also if you had a cooked breakfast in the morning and didn't start throwing up til after your tea in the evening I would blame the tea not the breakfast as sickness from food poisoning usually occurs pretty soon after you've eaten it. And I don't think an unwashed pan would cause too much harm as the last food on it would have been cooked and the food would be cooked while on it, it's more a concern about raw meat touching cooked food.
Hope you are OK and feeling better soon!!

ILikeSalmon Mon 20-Mar-17 09:39:23

I had food poisoning at 35 weeks (4 weeks ago)
I was puking that much I thought I was gonna like the baby up. My stomach muscles were killing and my eye balls buldged.
As it happens I had a midwife app that next day and she was not concerned at all. "Oh poor you" she said.
So as long as you've felt movement I really wouldn't worry

Okite Mon 20-Mar-17 09:44:49

I had gastroenteritis when I was 39 weeks and the main concern was dehydration rather than the baby. I had to stay in hospital on a saline drip overnight, I had been feeing like death but the drip helped really quickly. I did do an exorcist style projectile vomit while I was being monitored though, they'd quickly grabbed one of those cardboard sick bowls and I filled that and it just kept coming...and coming...and coming. shock
If you've just been sick the once and are keeping down food and fluids, you should be ok.

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