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Mucous plug at 34 weeks

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kshaw Mon 20-Mar-17 04:32:11

First time with my own post.

I'm 34 weeks today and I've definitely just passed my mucous plug.
I'm really scared as it's just too early. I'm having a big baby according to scans.
I've read online that the plug can grow back this early and not necessarily a sign I'm going in premature but I can't sleep now!! My fiancé is 150 miles away after a stag do so really panicking laid here on my own! Had an upset stomach all day yesterday for no reason which is also making me wonder if it's starting early!

Sure my brain is making up belly ache....
And my fiancé isn't answering his fucking phone!!!!
(The whole conversation I had with him over making sure was good with his phone while away obviously didn't extend to not putting it on silent while asleep!!!!!!)

Someone please calm me down!

drinkyourmilk Mon 20-Mar-17 04:36:37

Call the maternity triage line. They will be able to advise accordingly.
It does and can reform though. So try to stay calm while you seek medical advice (easier said than done I know! ) flowers

WishUponAStar88 Mon 20-Mar-17 04:39:42

I lost my plug at 32 weeks and didn't go into labour until term. Was yours bloody? I was told more chance it means nothing if not bloody as the bit closest to the cervix isn't lost. Certainly worth asking your midwife but mine wasn't worried at all (mine wasn't bloody)

kshaw Mon 20-Mar-17 05:23:33

Thanks ladies.

I'm awaiting a call back from the midwife. The healthcare assistant on the triage reception didn't even know what the mucous plug was!!!

Littlelegs19 Mon 20-Mar-17 05:27:25

I lost mine at around 30 weeks. Baby was early but that was due to PP not early labour. After losing mine I was checked out and the midwife said it could still reform this early and I defiantly hadn't gone in to labour.

Call your local midwifes/triage for some advice to put your mind at rest?

kshaw Mon 20-Mar-17 05:40:54

Midwife called back I've got to go in but not urgently unless contractions start or waters break...plug was brown in colour (sorry if TMI) so assuming that is a bit of blood. Gunna get a back packed and have a shower and then set off to the hospital. Woke up fiancé and all the in-laws and he's setting off back to London to try avoid rush hour as much as possible. hope this is all a false alarm but midwife said to be prepared it's not!!

DuRezidal Mon 20-Mar-17 05:43:23

How are you doing?

drinkyourmilk Mon 20-Mar-17 07:24:00

Glad they have listened to you and you are being seen. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about.

kshaw Mon 20-Mar-17 08:22:47

Thanks everyone - I'm on my way into hospital to get seen. I'm hoping all ok and a false alarm or something.

JOMH1982 Mon 20-Mar-17 09:55:51

Wishing you all the best xx

kshaw Mon 20-Mar-17 15:21:25

Thank you everyone. I'm back home-baby heartbeat ok the monitor thingy was showing ever so slight contractions but I couldn't feel them. I'm not dilated so she could start to make an appearance or she may not.
Taking it easy today and take confidence that she's a big baby (having regular growth scans) and if needs to come early she should be all ok smile

kshaw Wed 29-Mar-17 02:37:43

Just thought I'd update anyone who was kind enough to reply originally.

After this post on Monday I went on to have broken waters on Friday morning. Went back into triage thinking I was wasting everyone's time as water didn't gush. I was examined and showed to be bleeding so was admitted in as was strep b carrier and didn't want to risk infection. Decided to be induced Saturday morning to avoid infection to baby and she arrived Sunday morning at 12.30am - 6lb 11 at 34+6! Hopefully we will be allowed home today after jaundice but she is perfect!

Piesy Wed 29-Mar-17 02:50:28

Congratulations! Well done, OP

MiniMaxi Wed 29-Mar-17 03:02:15

Congratulations! She's lovely smile

I wanted to sending a reassuring word as the mum of another premature baby - our son was born at 33+6 back in August. He's now 7.5 months (6 months corrected) and doing brilliantly.

A few things you might find useful:

- don't stress if they keep you in for a couple more days - babies sometimes can't suck properly until they are 35 weeks (you're very close though so should be soon if not already)

- as time goes by, do bear in mind her due date when considering her milestones. For example she might smile a couple of weeks later than other babies born the same time, but she's not behind, she was just early!

- cuddle her as much as possible! It's great for prem baby development (and I'm sure you will want to anyway!)

Enjoy every moment and glad it all went ok for you cakebrewflowers

JOMH1982 Wed 29-Mar-17 10:26:41

Many congratulations!!!!!!!!! Xx

kshaw Wed 29-Mar-17 22:40:49

Thank you everyone! I'm totally in love!

Thank you minimax - my hormones have hit today so when told wasnt allowed home today I've spent most of it in tears! Totally silly as not logical !

charlotte1990 Thu 30-Mar-17 22:38:01

Congratulations x

MiniMaxi Fri 31-Mar-17 13:49:11

Hope you're home by now! And not silly at all, we were in for 3 weeks all in all (a week before the birth and two after) and I burst into tears regularly throughout! It's the not knowing when you will be able to go home, I found.

Won't be long now! grin

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