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Anyone else pregnant with BMI over 35?

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Emma98 Sun 19-Mar-17 23:20:54

What the title says!

I had the usual lectures from the midwife but how big a risk is it? My BMI at booking in was just at 35 but I've put on weight since

JonSnowsWhore Sun 19-Mar-17 23:26:32

Yeah mine is really quite high, it's shameful blush & it's definitely not been without problems. In the nicest way I can't wait for it to be over so I can start working on losing weight because I'm quite worried about myself now confused

Emma98 Sun 19-Mar-17 23:28:43

Ah that's not a good way to feel about yourself. It's not your fault so don't beat yourself up over your weight and there is nothing you can do about it for the time being. X

JonSnowsWhore Sun 19-Mar-17 23:33:39

Oh it's definitely my fault though lol.

Are you under a consultant if you have a high bmi? I have the extra scans booked but hopefully all should be fine with the baby, it's just me suffering because I'm bloody overweight

Emma98 Sun 19-Mar-17 23:36:25

I was 34.7 at my booking in but at my 12 week scan I'd put on half a stone so they said they would review it so I've escaped the heavy treatment so far as I don't have any other high risk factors

JonSnowsWhore Sun 19-Mar-17 23:44:52

Think I lost weight at first because I was so damn sick all the time but now I'm not so sick, I know I've started eating too much again. I've got a neurological condition so probably would have been high risk either way though.

Have my 28 week scan on Tuesday so hopefully all growth etc will be fine, there's been nothing wrong so far at the other scans

Emma98 Sun 19-Mar-17 23:46:09

I'm eating loads to I just always feel hungry

Toobloodytired Sun 19-Mar-17 23:52:02

Mine is 38! blush

Was 35 at booking blush

I was given all the risks & then when I came in paranoid about said risks because of my weight, I was then informed actually there is a risk but it's soooooo low even given my weight!

JonSnowsWhore Sun 19-Mar-17 23:52:42

I was like that with my first, infact I was a nice 12-14 before I got pregnant with her, unfortunately I've never looked back since 😂

My last one was a boy & so is this one & ive definitely been much more sick & eaten much less with them! I'm still not eating anywhere near as much as I did pre pregnancy though, there just isn't any room! Scared to weight myself though & compare it to my weight that's written in my notes from the start.

I'm so unfit this time though, that's my main worry, whether I'll even get through giving birth 😳

Emma98 Sun 19-Mar-17 23:53:18

That's good tootired have you had the baby or are you still pregnant?

Toobloodytired Sun 19-Mar-17 23:56:38

I'm still pregnant, being induced on Saturday.
I'm 36+3, I was weighed on Thursday & il admit I was far too scared to look. All I know is my BMI went up 3!

Il probably weigh a couple of weeks AFTER birth so I don't pass out from the shock of the horrendous weight gain!

Emma98 Sun 19-Mar-17 23:59:31

Has everything gone ok then? The scare stories freaked me out to be honest.

BMI 3! lol I guess it's more than 3 x

Toobloodytired Mon 20-Mar-17 00:01:44

Lol up by 3 from 35 to 38.

Il admit I do have OC but it's not because of my weight

Emma98 Mon 20-Mar-17 00:03:39

Is this your 1st?

Toobloodytired Mon 20-Mar-17 00:03:41

I got given a bloody long list all in relation to my weight, I left that app absolutely terrified!

When I made another one to discuss said worries, the ob then explained it's simply a legality, they have to tell you the risks no matter how small & that the risk between me & someone who's BMI is perfect is still so very low!

Toobloodytired Mon 20-Mar-17 00:04:12

Yup, first baby & first pregnancy.

Is this your first too??

Emma98 Mon 20-Mar-17 00:08:38

Yeah my 1st :-)

How old r u?

Toobloodytired Mon 20-Mar-17 00:18:28

I'm 27 (just).

Me & baby will have our birthdays in the same month!

How about you??

Emma98 Mon 20-Mar-17 00:24:21

I'm 19 (just)

Toobloodytired Mon 20-Mar-17 00:36:06

Aw by the time you are my age, you'll have a 8 year old!

A part of me wishes I had a child younger.

I feel old sometime

Emma98 Mon 20-Mar-17 00:37:22

You're not old!! :-)

I feel way to young I don't think there is a right age really x

Toobloodytired Mon 20-Mar-17 00:58:31

My mum was 19,21,23,36,38,40

With all her kids blush

Emma98 Mon 20-Mar-17 01:01:29

6? Wow surprised you want any lol. Which were you?

I'm youngest of 3 I have an older sister and an older brother. My mum was 20 23 and 27

Toobloodytired Mon 20-Mar-17 01:09:17

Lol! I won't lie, seeing how it hard was for my mum, it put me off for years I didn't want kids til I was at least 30 minimum.

Then I met my ex and I stupidly fell pregnant after 3 months....basically I'm just a stupid dick! If I could, I'd go back & slap myself in the face!

I'm the middle in the older set.
I've 1 older sister & 4 younger brothers

Emma98 Mon 20-Mar-17 01:12:09

Are you pregnant and single then? Same here!

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