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Hair colour when pregnant

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ruthieruthuk Sun 19-Mar-17 22:11:51

I'm probably being a bit dim here but I was wondering if it's safe to get your hair dyed while pregnant? I'm in the early stages probably between 5-6wks and I'm due to get my hair re done and but don't want to put myself and little bean at risk with the strong smells of colour, etc.. I was going to get my hair beached at the ends and coloured at the tops to make an ombré style, any advice would be appreciated, I'll be getting a skin test before I get it done. Thanks

Elkalv Sun 19-Mar-17 23:10:05

Just tell your stylist that you're pregnant. I think because the bleach won't actually touch you scalp ( as it's ombré) it should be safe and normal colors now are pretty harmless. I had my hair done with highlights and the master in salon said it is safe.

mummabubs Mon 20-Mar-17 06:58:02

If you google it the NHS website has this as a pregnancy FAQ. The conclusion from limited research that has been done is that the amount of chemicals needed to cause harm far, far outweigh the minuscule amount that's found in hair dye. They say some women choose to wait until after 12 weeks before dying for the first time- I made it to 10. I started going grey when I was 17 and am now 28 years old, so still too young to be sporting the very grey/white mop I was developing from going three months without dyeing it. If I thought it could harm my baby I wouldn't have done it but I'm led by research and research suggests it's ok. X

ILikeSalmon Mon 20-Mar-17 07:08:34

I dyed my hair all throughout my three pregnancies as did my friends.

ohidoliketobe Mon 20-Mar-17 07:17:32

As mummabubs says, for the small amount of contact you'll have with the dye every 6-8 weeks it's not a major concern. Hairdressers work with dye all day every day and I haven't come across one yet who stops applying dye on either themselves or clients when they're pregnant .

The only thing I would say is that wonderful pregnancy hormones can effect the way your hair takes to the dye. In thw warly days of my second pregnancy, the colour of had for a few months pre pregnancy didn't turn out the same, so my colourost had to change it slightly.

Applebite Mon 20-Mar-17 13:39:24

I think it's fine, esp if you're going lighter.

If you're dark, as I am, I took steps to limit it - so I only did it once in the 9 months, and I asked the stylist not to let it sit on my scalp. Bean was fine, and is now a running shouting 18 month old smile

If you are going dark, ask the stylist to do the same!

booox Mon 20-Mar-17 13:58:36

I did wonder this regarding henna?

I hennaed a few days before my bfp. It sits for a while?

Then I told myself henna has been used for centuries...?!

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