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Braxton hicks? probably!

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pinkiepie1 Sun 19-Mar-17 21:56:47

Can anyone tell me the difference between Braxton hicks and actual labour pains?
I've had a preterm labour very early and all the pains were in the bottom of my back with needing a wee... When I was eventually looked at I was 10cms...
Now im 31+3 and Im not having the same pains eg my labour pains but keep getting tightening's in my stomach with needing a bowel movement sorry if tmi...
Because of pre term labour I've had a stitch in and according to the doc (who scared the shit out of me) saying you will know if contractions start cos it will feel like you are being ripped in two.
So took myself to the hosp on Friday cos had these stomach tightening's did a speculum amd said oh cervix is fine and closed did this test which showed low chance of labour starting (brill news cannot deal with having to move hospitals. My hosp doesn't take babies before 33wk)
But today I've had a few more of these tightening's, typical I didn't have one when at the hospital but now I feel like im wasting time ringing them ect when only went in 2 days ago.
Baby is still moving i just wish they would have told me if it was Braxton hicks...
Any advice, any comments on Braxton hicks would be more than appreciated

annlee3817 Sun 19-Mar-17 22:25:54

Did they put you on the monitor? Anything in your notes? I had tightenings from around 26 weeks, I was at risk of pre term but avoided having the stitch. My first contraction had be doubled over on my bed, never felt pain like it. Everyone is different though, my cousin had pre term labour and didn't really feel anything until she was approx 8cm, but she did bleed, which is why she went to the hospital. If you are worried contact the out of hours number. Better to be checked or to speak with a midwife.

pinkiepie1 Sun 19-Mar-17 22:35:00

Hi, yeah they put me on the monitor and the baby was fine, (I should be an expert by now but im not) please bare with me while I try to explain this...
So when they put you on the monitor one of the.... Circular things? (I don't know what they're called) checks baby's heartbeat and the other circular thing checks contractions...
Well when I went on one a few weeks ago the contraction one was at a constant 0 for the full 20mins I was on, this time it was going from 10-28 so the line was up and down... But they said its not contractions.

When I had my 1st my contractions didn't get bad until 8cms and even then the monitor said I wasn't in labour, they were going to send me home until I said I had a bleed and they checked me out and i was 10cms. And with my 2nd I had emergency section and don't have any of this.

My problem is I feel like if its nothing I've just wasted everyone's time, then on other hand im shit scared incase it is something.
Thanks for your reply xxx

10storeylovesong Mon 20-Mar-17 09:52:28

I went into labour when I was 27 weeks. I phoned the hospital because my braxton hicks were regular - I was told that they aren't regular. I was never really in pain until I was fully dilated but just a little uncomfortable and the machines were barely picking up my contractions. The only thing that told them apart was the regularity.

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