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Am i pregnant?

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Rukia87 Sun 19-Mar-17 19:11:18

This is my story...
My period is always regular with a 27 days cycle. I am always on for about 5 days with heavy bleeding and heavy pain for about the 1st 2 days...
until In january i was supposed to start on 21st but started on 15th normal heavy pain and bleed...
February i started 14th and was only on for 3 days but very light red 1 day then turned brown for the rest 2 days.
Then this month (march), i was supposed to start on 13th due to 27 days cycle but i was delayed for 5 days then at night on the 5th day i had very light spotting and then nothing the whole night...
Next day i was just off and on when i wipe with tissue with very light red...
And today my bleeding is stopping and turning to brown..
I have done pregnancy tests but all came back negative..
I have symptoms which started on the day my oeriod was suppoed to be due like headches, fatigue, bigger breasts, tired, mood swings, hungry but off food..
I just feel that i am pregnant.
Is there any chance i can still be pregnant?
Also this is my 3rd pregnancy if i am pregnant and i am very slim and i can already feel a lump very close to on top of my pelvic that my uterus??
Please can someone tell me whats going on and if you had the same experience and turned out with a positive pregnancy????

Rukia87 Sun 19-Mar-17 19:14:19

Also when i started spotting tbis month after the 5 days delayed AF, the spotting was very light pink..usually i would be in soo much pain when i start AF but this month i had no pain at all..the only thing i felt was very light cramps for few seconds come and go for the 1st day...
Please can someone reply back...

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