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Am i pregnant

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padams94 Sun 19-Mar-17 14:31:33

I am so i have been feeling sick the last week and have not had a period or spotted for over a good 7 weeks...... This morning at around 7am i decided to do a pregnancy test just to check. 2 lines appeared (both purple) with one being a bit fainter then the other.... however after like 4-5 mins it slowly disappeared away. I ran to tell my other half over my scare where he then looked at the test himself and the faint line had then re-appeared where he could see it also..... another few minutes later and it disappeared again..... (yes btw, the test was done correctly /not out of date)(however, it was a cheap one that you get bulk of, aka the small sticks) a few hours later and i went to get a clear blue test (13 quids worth grrr) which then said i was "not pregnant" and another test confirmed that...... clear blue is supposed to be the best one but i don't understand why it said i was on the other test?

toadierocks Sun 19-Mar-17 15:09:45

I'm afraid you need to do another test. CB digital are not that sensitive and not worth the money if you ask me. I would try and get an ASDA or Superdrug own brand (superdrug one is very sensitive) but use a pink dye one if poss. Tomorrow morning with the first wee of the day. It could be that you ovulated late last month, hence the 7 weeks since LMP but good luck and I hope you get the result you want.

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