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First pregnancy - still a bit shocked!

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NerdyViking Sun 19-Mar-17 10:58:42

Got a BFP last week and really wasn't expecting it as hubby and I hadn't really had time to try (only tried once each time during two cycles) as we've been moving house. Had taken a clearblue early test on fri 10/3, as had a work do that evening and wanted to know whether I could drink. It was negative so assumed I could drink freely! Then midweek after, AF was a bit late, although it's not always super precise, so decided to take a FRER and it was pos! Was really shocked, heart racing as I told hubby and kept repeating 'Holy Shit!'. Very happy but just really wasn't expecting it.

Took another test the next morning (took the first in the evening) and got another BFP. Still kind of feels unreal though.

So I'm a bit worried about having drunk that weekend as well I was very inconsistent about taking prenatal vitamins before, as like I said, we were super busy moving.

Haven't been to doctor's yet as we only just managed to register at the local gp's a few days ago.

Anyone else in disbelief??

Jessiecat27 Sun 19-Mar-17 11:05:40

Me! We said we would start trying and it didn't take us very long at all! I'm still in shock! I wouldn't worry too much about drinking though, lots of people do without realising they're pregnant! Congratulations!

arbrighton Sun 19-Mar-17 12:25:48

You might not need to see gp at all, all they do in our trust area is give you the midwives' number to ring and get yourself booked in

Lemondrop09 Sun 19-Mar-17 16:45:39

Don't too much worry about the drinking. I had a heavy night drinking st a leaving party the week before I got my BFP as I reeeeeeally didn't think we were in with a chance that month. I had also been inconsistent with folic acid as we had been trying for a while and it felt like it was never going to happen.

Regarding drinking, the embryo initially gets its nutrition from a yolk sac. It's a while until the placenta starts to form, which is when the embryo's nutrition becomes more dependant on you. Basically from what I read, drinking before your missed period is unlikely to have an impact. What's important is to be mindful of your drinking now you know

Same with vitamins and folic acid. My Dr told me not to worry that I was inconsistent before. It's ideal but not essential. What's important is to take it now you know.

Congratulations! At least you've got 9 months to get over the shock wink

vfoster Sun 19-Mar-17 19:30:28

I was much the same with my second. I didn't really I was pregnant and got a negative test. The Friday after I finished nearly a bottle of wine to myself watching TV. The next morning I did another text and got a BFP! I felt awful so mentioned it to the midwife at my booking in appointment, she just laughed and said it wasn't a bad thing since I didn't know and it wouldn't affect the baby at all!
Seconded for skipping the GPS as well, they don't do anything! With my first they just kind of passed us on to the midwife. With the second I directly contacted the midwives and cut out the middle man. I found the contact details on a leaflet next to the pregnancy tests in the local chemists!


NerdyViking Tue 21-Mar-17 08:11:41

Jessiecat27 Congrats! How far along are you? The app I´ve got says I'll be 5weeks tomorrow smile Have you had any symptoms yet? It might just be psychosomatic, but I swear I've had mood swings already, sore boobs, nausea and tiredness! If this is an indication of the next 9 months, then I would like to file an official complaint! XP

arbrighton and vfoster I did end up going to the local gp surgery where they had me fill in a form that gets sent to the local hospital and a midwife will be in touch. Next time I probably will just cut out the middleman ;) :P

Thanks for the advice everyone, I do feel a bit better now, although I'll still probably discuss it with the midwife once I have my appointment. I have obviously not had any more drinks since finding out and have been diligently taking the prenatal vitamins as well as omega 3 pills (they come together in a pack)

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