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Moses basket v Purflo bassinet - opinions appreciated! :)

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Squiggle81 Sun 19-Mar-17 10:53:02

Hi all,

First time poster on here - just after some advice/recommendations please. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and just starting to look into sleeping options, but can't decide between a traditional Moses basket or whether to opt for the Purflo bassinet! I'm thinking that the Moses probably wouldn't get long-term use, so thought the bassinet might be a better option, although I haven't been able to find any in store to have a proper look at! My husband prefers the idea of a Moses with a decent stand (found a gliding version in Mothercare, which seemed very good), although he admits he's hasn't got a clue what he's talking about! So, just after some thoughts - has anybody had experience of the Purflo bassinet, or any other cribs that they would recommend!??

Thanks xx

calimommy Mon 20-Mar-17 04:18:44

TBH mine hated the Moses basket, it squeaked and creaked and I hated it too. I used the pram top of the buggy instead and put it on the stand at night time. You have less stuff to manage and they get used to sleeping in it both at home and out and about. I had a bugaboo with the first and a vista with the second and both of those were lovely and cosy for baby. I'll use the vista pram top again for this baby. Good luck!

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