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Placenta previa 19 weeks

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vickifaith Sat 18-Mar-17 19:50:19

Hi everyone

So I went to my 20 week scan yesterday with the fetal medicine specialists (for other reasons)

I was really impressed with the consultants and after a 40 minute scan every organ and part of our baby was given the healthy all clear 😊 and very lucky we feel too.

After the scan however they took me and my fiancé into a side room and told us I had placenta previa... Well a low lying placenta which was very close to the cervix.

I have another scan in 3 weeks to see if it's moved. My question is what are the risks? How often do they move higher and in a less risky place? Can the placenta get bigger and cover the cervix even more? Also - how easy should I be taking it? Can we have sex?

Thank you everyone xx

Dizzyingly Sat 18-Mar-17 19:56:52

Hi I had that too. I was not scanned again until 37 weeks as by then most of them have moved...and mine had luckily.

I was given loads of information at the 20 week scan about blood loss risks etc. It was pretty alarming reading but I think as so many of them move it rarely becomes an issue. I think gentle sex was deemed to be ok from what i remember. Hope yours moves but don't be worried if it hasn't in 3 weeks as it's still early days and lost move on their own xxx

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