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Gender guess :)

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Georgieex Fri 17-Mar-17 15:37:13

Hi smile New here so not sure if right place too post but had scan yesterday was suppose to be a 12 week one but turned into 15 week scan as hospital took ages with appointment! Anyway, baby wouldn't roll over and Co operate for a good picture and sonographer wouldn't say what the sex was..any one have any guesses? Thanks smile
Link below for scan photo smile

Tilly2017 Fri 17-Mar-17 15:53:56

I'm not an expert but maybe guess a boy??? Congrats though

Georgieex Fri 17-Mar-17 19:16:42

Hi smile Thank you, I have a boy and girl so I'm not too fussed what the gender is..just too nosey too know lol x

leanandgreen Fri 17-Mar-17 19:31:28

No idea really but at a guess - I reckon boy. Congrats to you.

Georgieex Fri 17-Mar-17 19:33:26

Thank you smile People have said they think girl when they look at the downstairs bit with 'three lines' or something?

Salmonpinkcords Fri 17-Mar-17 19:58:13

I think a girl.

leanandgreen Fri 17-Mar-17 23:12:23

Ahh I'm changing my mind - I reckon girl now. I have no knowledge in this field whatsoever but why could the midwife not tell? That picture I would have assumed, is nice and clear for a professional to see. Again, I know absolutely nothing. Would be good if a midwife came along...

Georgieex Sat 18-Mar-17 08:00:10

The sonographer said she wouldn't tell us before 16 weeks as its hospital policy! Im thinking girl too..but Im not good at looking for things lol

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