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Shooting pains

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JasmineBella Fri 17-Mar-17 13:52:59

I just wondered if anyone else has had this, im 34 weeks and when i walk i have sharp shooting stabbing pains inside my vagina.

No pain in my stomach or anything else. Lots of baby movement.

They really hurt but only last a couple of seconds, almost like someone has an electric prodder up there, i stop in my tracks and then begin walking again but then it comes back again sad

I do get them from time to time sitting down but if i walk i get them like crazy.

Ive been getting these for the last few weeks but as time goes on theyre getting more frequent and more painful.

Does anyone know what this is or has anyone had this before?

user1471541467 Sat 18-Mar-17 13:34:46

Hello, I've had this a lot the past week. Im 32 weeks now. I got so worried at one point that I went to the maternal assessment unit to be checked out. They told me it was happening because the baby is now head down and pushing on my bladder and cervix! It's very uncomfortable!!

harleysmammy Sat 18-Mar-17 13:50:00

I literally just googled "sharp pains in cervix 34 weeks pregnant", how spooky! I've been having this more so today and yesterday, i was up the hospital yesterday for monitoring and i was having contractions that were reaching 70 (so super intense) but i couldnt feel them what so ever. They were quite close and intense i just had no idea they were happening. Im starting to maybe think the contractions are starting to change my cervix. I had 5 internals last weeks and it was closed and long but soft so I'm seriously considering maybe my cervix is changing because thats all i can put it down too. That or my babys head engaging, so maybe its the same for you toosmile x

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