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SPD 34 weeks

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endoftether12 Fri 17-Mar-17 13:36:17

Hiya, as stated in the title I am 34 weeks pregnant and in the past 3 weeks I have started with SPD. I first noticed when I was at work (in my job in a kitchen so very physical, very little breaks etc) that I felt like I was being stabbed/kicked between the legs every few minutes. I was actually really worried and went to be checked out but all was okay thankfully. Since then it has got progressively worse. I am now signed off work (start maternity leave in a week anyway) and struggle to get comfortable, agony to turn over in bed, I shuffle rather than walk. It is still in my groin, like a pain as though it is really bruised and like there is no support there so when I stand up, it feels like it/I could just collapse. Anyway, wondered if there are any other SPD sufferers who would like to chat. I am feeling pretty lonely with it at the moment. Thanks. Also sorry for no paragraphs. I am on the app and it won't let me add them hmm

BouncingBlueberry Fri 17-Mar-17 14:01:43

Get yourself referred to physio via your midwife asap. Not sure where you are in the country but I'm in Sheffield and they have been amazing for me. I had a session with physios who assessed me and then referred me to hydrotherapy. I had my first session yesterday and it was fab. If you can't get an appointment straight away see if you can find a bump band or a brace to help ease the pain xx

notanothernamechangebabes Fri 17-Mar-17 14:08:09

Forget physio- they can't manipulate you properly. I'd splash 50 quid on an osteopath who has a specialism in antenatal treatment. I had spd and saw my osteopath once a fortnight from 24 weeks - and she absolutely kept me on my feet (and did some (requested) reflexology when I was a week overdue that induced labour within 2/3 hours!!!!)

If you're in London I can pm you a recommendation

flowers though- it's so painful isn't it!

endoftether12 Fri 17-Mar-17 14:46:53

Thanks for your replies. I am near Leeds, there is a long waiting list for physio here but am seeing the midwife on monday so will ask if she thinks it is worthwhile going private (don't really want to as this months wage will be low due to only getting statutory sick pay). Will look into getting a support band too. Does the midwife provide one or do I order online? I have had a look but there is such a massive range available I didn't know which to get.

I have been taking codiene which worrys me due to feeling like I am going to make the baby addicted(!) also using a hot water bottle all the time.

I feel like my partner thinks I am exagerrating the pain, he complains that I wake him up on a night by groaning when I try get up to go to the toilet. He got set straight, don't worry!

I shouldn't complain really, at least I am off work now, was awful working with the pain and I got no support from my manager/team.

Thanks again for your replies! Oh and I found out how to add paragraphs smile

endoftether12 Fri 17-Mar-17 14:47:29

Looks like I didn't actually confusedhmm

AreWeThereYet000 Fri 17-Mar-17 15:02:58

Hey I had SPD from around 17 weeks and it got worse as pregnancy went on - I was prescribed codeine however was advised by GP/consultant/midwife to stop taking it 4 weeks before due date, to take no more than 4 times a day and to only take for 3 consecutive days before having a break so stop the baby getting addicted and to prevent withdrawal at birth.

I had physio which didn't help greatly if I'm honest but they told me to get in and out of cars/up from the bed etc with my legs closed together and if I need to get up from a chair, lift a leg, basically and big movement then to hold my stomach muscles in and to draw in my muscles from pelvic floor to act as a human support band xx

PowerofThree Fri 17-Mar-17 15:16:19

I'm a few weeks behind you and also suffering - my groin pain doesn't sound as bad but I have lower back and pain in my glutes. I have seen a physio and was also given the advice about swivelling in and out of car and out of bed with knees together rather leading with one leg. And for turning in bed, I was told to have legs bent, pressed together and then tighten stomach muscles and press with your feet to help lever yourself over.

Other advice included: always getting dressed/un-dressed sitting down - definitely not trying to stand on one leg, getting a gym ball to sit on and not sitting in one position for more than 20min (get up and move around even a little bit).

I would try and get some advice - I have exercises but as they are tailored to my particular situation they may not be right ones for you. I was also told that if it continued to get worse there would be options such as support bands or crutches. It might be that you are at the point to need either of those.

I went private which has cost but did mean I got seen within a week.

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