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Anyone here get pregnnat dtd *after* ewcm?

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TheCuntess Fri 17-Mar-17 11:03:10

My er, friend, dtd two or three days after ewcm and wondered how fertile you really are at that stage?

Not very, I'm guessing?

Has anyone got experience of this and mind sharing. Tia.

TheCuntess Fri 17-Mar-17 12:00:19

I'm going with a no then. 😄

RaindropsRoses Fri 17-Mar-17 12:25:50

I never had ewcm at all when we were ttc... not sure if relevant. Even tried things to increase it that didn't work. Now 7 months pregnant.

SuperUnicorn Fri 17-Mar-17 15:39:34

I always get my EWCM about 2 days before ovulation. Seems a bit out of sync but my fertility clinic didn't seem worried and I'm now 33 weeks pregnant. So I would say still a good chance of being in your fertile window.

TheCuntess Fri 17-Mar-17 16:39:31

Oh. Wow.

I'm not sure how I feel about that... grin

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

McBaby Fri 17-Mar-17 16:42:49

I get it before and after ovulation so there is always a chance.

booox Fri 17-Mar-17 17:15:22

My ewcm seems to stop a day or two before ovulation, so it's 'just' possible. I then get some just after. More likely to get pregnant if the sperm is there before ov as they've got time to get into the tubes and pounce!

TheCuntess Fri 17-Mar-17 17:59:14


Toobloodytired Fri 17-Mar-17 20:21:33

hmm um, what's EWCM??

calimommy Sat 18-Mar-17 02:32:23

I just had to google it myself:
Egg White Cervical Mucus

Mandraki Sun 19-Mar-17 16:58:35

I never had EWCM, I just took ovulation tests and had sex the day of and the day after OV, and boom I was pregnant!

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