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So fed up and annoyed!?

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babynumber2xx Fri 17-Mar-17 09:39:03

Just need to rant and doing it here as my pregnancy is still unannounced.

This is going to be my second baby and ill be 14weeks Sunday according to my dates.(lmp)

With my first i went to the gp he referred me to the midwife ect all plain sailing. Was booked in at 8weeks scan at 12weeks all good and stress free. Well this time around is completely different.
Went to docs at 8weeks he said he'll get the ball rolling. Skip to 3weeks later (11weeks) still heard nothing so contacted my gp to be told they do not refer me i need to fill out a pregnancy form so off i went last week to fill out form, week later still not heard anything. Rang on Wednesday to be told that i have to ring midwife directly ok thats fine but why not tell me this weeks ago(on this form it says midwife will contact me) so i rang midwife to be told about this form and they will contact me i explained what the gp had said and she was like oh no we ring you blah blah blah and the midwife who deals with my area will contact me. Just had a phone call to be told to fill out a form as she needs all info (which i have done) and she will collect it Tuesday ;( ill be 14weeks and 2days then why cant people to their jobs correctly. Ive been backwards and forwards for almost 6weeks and people just tell me different. So fed up. Im very very hormonal so good luck to the girl who ill be seeing at gp today?! Sorry to rant. Xx

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