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no appetite resulting in weight loss. 17 weeks

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GalaxyDefender2012 Thu 16-Mar-17 19:22:09

I think I may have posted before about how I worried about baby's development as I had lost almost a stone in weight since finding out that I was pregnant. I am now 17+1 and have noticed that my appetite is not what it used to be. Im now usually finding myself serving up only half the portion that I serve my other half. But always can only stomach half of that too before I'm full up. I can stomach breakfast which I try to keep healthy and fruity as I worry about not getting the vitamins but will only have a sandwich or a packet of crisps for lunch. Maybe I'm just worrying and being obssessed with my body but I just wanted to know if anybody else has experienced this and if they benefited from vitamins or supplements? did you get your appetite back?

HN42 Thu 16-Mar-17 20:46:27

I was like you until I was about 15 weeks when my appetite made a sudden reappearance but up to that point I'd lost weight and just wasn't able to gain any weight whatsoever which concerned me as I was already underweight according to the BMI calculator.

All I can advise is eat little and often, and break up your meals - I have a small breakfast as I feel awful and retch a lot when I get up so I struggle to eat. I then have a second breakfast at work and then a late morning snack before lunch. I break up my lunch into 2 sessions now, so I have my sandwich and crisps at lunch and then later in the afternoon I have some fruit and a chocolate biscuit. I then have dinner and an evening snack so I never eat a lot in one go. I did finally start to gain some weight at 16 weeks but your baby will be getting what they need so don't worry, as baby gets bigger you will start to see the pounds go up on the scales.

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