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No Nursery?

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MrsG2017 Thu 16-Mar-17 19:14:02

I wasn't sure where to pop this but thought it might be fun to share genius storage ideas.

We only have our main room and a guest bedroom (which ds will go into eventually when out of his bassinette)

However at the moment (37 weeks) we haven't sorted any storage or got anything organised poor mite all his clothes are currently shoved in carrier begs in my wardrobe !!

How can I make home feel a bit more babyfied and get organised .,,, any genius ideas ?

I feel an afternoon on Pinterest coming on!

SaltedCaramelEverything Fri 17-Mar-17 17:52:32

Ikea!! Always IKEA for storage.

Did Pinterest find anything?

m33r Sat 18-Mar-17 07:29:08

Kalax ikea unit for us. Xx

Semaphorically Sat 18-Mar-17 07:42:51

I bought a chest of drawers on eBay. That was all I managed until DD went into her own room at about 14 months!

JellyTeapot Sat 18-Mar-17 08:35:35

My twins are waiting for their bedroom to be built so in the meantime I keep all their clothes/muslins/bits and bobs in baskets from Wilko's under an Ikea changing table in the guest room.

Sunshinegirl82 Sat 18-Mar-17 10:49:30

Get a chest of drawers for the guest room, stick all of baby's stuff in it, put a changing mat on top and you're sorted! We used a hemnes from IKEA!

badg3r Sun 19-Mar-17 22:17:12

We had the same problem and my solution was to chuck out about six bags of my own clothes and store the ones I kept but didn't wear much under the bed. Freed up four drawers for DS!
In my defence, most of the stuff I chucked was rubbish anyway and I was never going to wear it again. I am much less of a hoarded now I'm a mum!

Sweets101 Sun 19-Mar-17 22:19:08

I cleared out my dressing table drawers for DS, he's 18 months now and they're still there! He does have a cot and a wall though

MrsG2017 Sun 19-Mar-17 22:37:01

Thank All

Gosh I miss IKEA !! Living in NZ at the mo everything is soooo expensive.

I got creative at the weekend and cleared out half my wardrobe shelves and made these cute boxes and labels!

Went with the tie on labels in the end and the boxes only cost me $6 👍

I think DH has more stuff than me and DS ..... this needs to be addressed pronto when I am back in normal clothes and shoes 👠 !! 😂😂

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