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Pregnant at 44..

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CANRT Thu 16-Mar-17 12:37:10

Help! I've just found out I'm pregnant and I'm 44 and a half.
I have a 10 yr old daughter so I've probably completely forgotten most of what happened last time around, but, what will be the biggest difference this time? I have heard of friends over 40 hiding their pregnancies until the 20+ week scan.. I had day-dreamed about this a little but the odds of me conceiving naturally were so slim I really didn't think it would happen!
Still in shock.. anyone else going through this now..? Or is there another Board for oldies I should be writing in? smile

Winniethepooer Thu 16-Mar-17 12:39:49

flowers congratulations

Can help much but i had dd at 40. Only difference was a few extra scans & a consultant appointment.

Wishing you a happy & easy pregnancy.

curlingandtwirling Thu 16-Mar-17 12:45:14

Congratulations! flowers What lovely news!

You have given me hope.

Neverknowing Thu 16-Mar-17 12:47:07

I have no advice but a pregnancy is a pregnancy and if you're able to get pregnant at this age then your body must be happy to carry a baby. Wishing you a happy and easy pregnancy cake

Floozie66 Thu 16-Mar-17 12:53:34

Congrats - i just had my little girl at 45 two weeks ago - you will probably get extra growth scans at 30 and 34 weeks and depending on your trust they might want to induce by 40 weeks - hope it all goes well

CANRT Thu 16-Mar-17 13:48:12

Thanks all.. hopefully it will be fairly straight-forward then. Annoying thing now though is that I can't get a GP appointment for 2 weeks..

Helbelle75 Thu 16-Mar-17 14:43:18

I'm 41, and 36 weeks pregnant, but this will be our first child so can't compare!
I've had to take aspirin since 12 weeks because of pre-eclampsia risks, but other than that a straight forward, healthy pregnancy.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Thu 16-Mar-17 14:44:07

Congratulations 🎊
So envious!!

Piggeligg Thu 16-Mar-17 14:48:45

I had dc4 at 40 and my Trust likes to induce at 40 weeks as the risk of still birth is higher above 40 as the placenta degrades earlier.
Congratulations and good luck!!

snowgirl1 Thu 16-Mar-17 14:49:10

Awww, congratulations flowers. I had DD at 40 and really wish we'd had another. You're making me broody grin

EagleRay Thu 16-Mar-17 14:53:44

Congratulations - this was me a year and a half ago - 44 and pregnant after having had any chance of another baby ruled out by age, medical condition and blood tests.

There's one or two fairly long standing 40+ pregnancy threads on here - very useful for support and advice, especially when negotiating health care and ante natal testing choices

Ilovewillow Thu 16-Mar-17 14:59:41

Many congratulations! I had my second at 42 (both were IVF) and had consultant led care for both due to fertility and my geriatric status (he words not mine)! We didn't have any testing as we were sure it wouldn't influence us either way! Apart from consultant led care not issues and I had a great homebirth with my son too. Best of luck!

Italwaysworksitselfout Thu 16-Mar-17 21:16:45

Congratulations flowers I'm 45 and 30 weeks with a suprise baby. I'll not lie....It's been hard and I'm now on crutches for hip problems and I have chronic fatigue but it will all be worth it. You will have a consultant led pregnancy due to your age and more scans than usual. I think more older mum's choose to keep it secret because they want the screening done for birth defects etc. We chose not to be tested (not everyone's choice) and announced it at 13 weeks due to me being noticably pregnant. Do whatever is right for you

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