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Itchy itchy itchy. Rash over stomach - what can i do?

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Jellybabie3 Thu 16-Mar-17 08:57:42

So im 12+5 atm. A few weeks ago i posted that i had used a lush massage bar that made my tummy be covered in red spots and itcy - but its much worse on my knicker and bra line. After lots of helpful posts i brought some aveeno to try and soothe it. I have been using this since Monday (this was after a few days of no products being applied but the rash still existed). It definatley hasnt got any better. I think it could be a latex allergy as it spread quite badly after wearing over the bump leggings yesterday? Or hives? I have tried calling doc but apparently there are no appointments for another week!! Driving me nuts. Is there anything i can do??

TiltedNewt Thu 16-Mar-17 19:16:00

If it's a latex allergy you could take antihistamines, but I would check with the midwife that was ok. Or some hydrocortisone cream? I think the topical stuff is ok, but again check with the midwife because I am not a medical professional.

WorriedAndCrazy Thu 16-Mar-17 21:19:05

I had dermatitis for about 4 weeks caused by increased hormones and sweating and I was prescribed 1% hydrocortisone which sorted it out within less than a week. I got some great advice on here telling me not to use aqueous as an emollient which is what the doctor advised but instead to use Aveeno which I am doing daily. My skin has totally cleared and I feel great for it as I was getting really down due to the constant itch and was unable to sleep because of it. Definitely get medical advice as the hydrocortisone will sort it out if it is an allergy.

WorriedAndCrazy Thu 16-Mar-17 21:21:02

I was also advised by the midwives that it was safe to take Piriton which I got prescribed. I tried to buy it in Boots and was refused as they aren't allowed to give to pregnant women unless it's on prescription.

badg3r Sun 19-Mar-17 22:31:35

I had a horrid red rash around that time with my second and used metonium cream, and lots and lots of baby oil and petroleum jelly. Also no over bump trousers and wear baggy tops. Hopefully if you can get seen next week they will be able to prescribe something if it hasn't settled.

badg3r Sun 19-Mar-17 22:33:59

In response to pp too, gave you tried asking your pharmacist? You can buy 1% hydrocortisone over the counter.

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