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Preeclampsia at 24 weeks

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dancestomyowntune Thu 16-Mar-17 07:53:19

So I was admitted on Tuesday night with raised blood pressure and trace protein in urine. Today I am 24w+4 days. I am currently doing a 24hr urine catch, but had preeclampsia confirmed last night. I have had the two steroid injections and my blood pressure is currently stable. I'm hoping when the dr does his rounds I'll find out more, but I'm so scared right now. My last baby was born at 30 weeks due to hypertension, and that was bad enough, but 24 weeks is a whole different ball game.

HopeAndJoy16 Thu 16-Mar-17 09:21:01

Sending you lots of love Dances flowers. It must be such a stressful time being admitted and away from your family. Hopefully they can keep your blood pressure stable for a little while longer. What's visiting like at the hospital? Can your partner and older child visit any time? xxx

dancestomyowntune Thu 16-Mar-17 11:26:21

I'm being discharged and will be seen on DAU on Monday and Wednesday next week, thank god! Everything's stable for the time being so I just need to keep it that way. I have five other children at home, aged 2-14 yrs so being in hospital for a long time is very hard on everyone. But I'm relieved to be going home now.

HopeAndJoy16 Thu 16-Mar-17 16:58:19

Ah good, that's fantastic news! Fingers crossed your blood pressure stays nice and low for the rest of the pregnancy flowers xx

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