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user1489618080 Wed 15-Mar-17 23:06:08

I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant with my first, well twins and i do a lot of gymnastics training, nothing professional for a few years now and I spend a couple of hours almost everyday training down at a local gym but as I've got bigger I've had a few comments about my heavy training, not that heavy I just have a routine, being a little much, anyway I was just wondering if others have any experience with this, apart from my gym leo's getting stretched out of shape I don't think it's a problem

EllaNB Thu 16-Mar-17 13:18:28

Unfortunately I do not have any advice but I am in awe of you for still being able to keep up with your training. I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins and feel absolutely exhausted after a short walk or after swimming!

allegretto Thu 16-Mar-17 13:21:12

I don't want to worry you but have you had your cervix checked? I felt fine with twins but found out (after a barn dance!) that my cervix had dilated and I was then put on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. This isn't meant to alarm you but just to say that feeling ok is not necessarily an indication that it is safe. I would speak to your doctor.

shirleycartersaidso Thu 16-Mar-17 14:19:49

I think I'd be more worried about the risk of injury assuming you are fit and well. What sort of gymnastics are we talking about?!

Kudos to you - I couldn't walk after 21 weeks into my twin pregnancy.

kikibo Thu 16-Mar-17 14:20:45

Normally anything you do before you can do after your get pregnant as well, unless your body tells you it's too much. Being too tired and still going for a run is a bit silly, but that's obvious.
If you do get concerned with weird stuff happening like excess cramping or so, I'd see how your cervix is, but unless towards the end there shouldn't be any concerns, IMO.

Though I never get worried...

Helbelle75 Thu 16-Mar-17 14:46:03

I'm still doing ballet at 36 weeks, but there are certain things I no longer do on the advice of my teacher. My centre of gravity has changed drastically over these last few weeks. I'm still managing, but it's becoming more difficult.
Have a word with your instructor if you're not sure and check with your midwife.

user1489618080 Thu 16-Mar-17 15:05:00

I spend my working days sat behind a desk so I feel I could really do with the exercise, i do floor uneven bars beam and vault but gave up the beam and vault a while back, my centre of gravity is making things a lot more difficult but I've been doing gymnastics since I was young (i'm 23 now) and I guess part of me is not ready to give it up yet, I'll have my cervix checked, I've not really had many cramps and when I do get them it's when I'm inactive

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