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Does anyone have a baby on board badge I could borrow?!

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Catscatsandmorecats Wed 15-Mar-17 17:32:41

Just that - I have lost mine and my local train operator only gives them to season ticket holders. I have to commute a few days over the next couple of weeks on jam packed trains so I wondered if there were any spare anywhere?

Cheeky I know - but worth a punt - Thanks!

Hollyhop17 Wed 15-Mar-17 17:34:23

Get one for free from TFL!

MrsGB2225 Wed 15-Mar-17 17:35:50

I got mine sent from TFL before, took less than a week to come

NotTheBelleoftheBall Wed 15-Mar-17 17:51:38

Sure, pm me your address and I'll pop mine in the post tomorrow.

Catscatsandmorecats Wed 15-Mar-17 20:06:12

Thanks all. NotTheBelle, thank you so much, i have PM'ed you.

It turns out it is DH who has lost it as a friend i lent it to gave it back to him, no wonder we can't find it!

NotTheBelleoftheBall Thu 16-Mar-17 10:55:45

It's in the post, should be with you tomorrow.

Catscatsandmorecats Thu 16-Mar-17 12:13:59

Thank you so much NotTheBelle flowers

Catscatsandmorecats Fri 17-Mar-17 11:14:12

NotTheBelle it has arrived! And I love the card, thank you again. I will certainly not be shy about asking for a seat when I need to!

Happy Friday everyone

NotTheBelleoftheBall Fri 17-Mar-17 11:33:33

Royal Mail (if it's still called that) is pretty impressive, I am always amazed that a little piece of paper can get from one end of the country to the other overnight!

And you are most welcome, no trouble at all!

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