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Littlejayx Wed 15-Mar-17 11:48:26

Hi All,

Need pram advice! has anybody bought a Cosatto wow/giggle?
My mum bought me a lovely silver cross, but its just too heavy and wasn't what we expected. has anyone loved theirs?

Many thanks lovelies,

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Wed 15-Mar-17 11:51:40

We had the giggle. . Fab. Def recommend one!! A bargain buy from toys r us. Complete package for less than £300 a couple of years ago but offer repeated all the time it seems!!

GoulashSoup Wed 15-Mar-17 11:56:34

I have the cosatto giggle (in pixelate) and love it! It is light, easy to manoeuvre and I get loads of comments on it. A lot of the comments on 'what a beautiful pram' I have come from oldies while I wander around town and I love that I spread a little bit of fun. I have however realised there is no sneaking past the crazy lady next door etc when out and about. We got ours on a deal too so have a good shop around online at prices.

Cantchooseaname Wed 15-Mar-17 12:03:26

Giggle 2- love it. Came with everything you need- rain covers for car seat/ pram, foot muff, all the gubbins.

MarchEliza Wed 15-Mar-17 12:06:17

Yes we have the Cosatto Giggle and it has served us very well since birth. DD is now 2 and I'm thinking of getting a smaller, lighter umbrella fold pushchair for ease with the car, but do not regret this buy at all.

We also got pixelate and have so many nice comments about the beautiful, cheerful pattern.

Littlejayx Wed 15-Mar-17 12:48:42

Ooh thank you for all your replies!

I am going to try them all out on Saturday but i am loving the Fjord pattern (We aren't finding out the sex, so its neutral enough)

Did you all get the full shabang? its between these two, only £150 between them but i'm not sure what I will need (first time mum, first baby in the family, abit clueless)

WoodsfortheTrees Wed 15-Mar-17 12:56:35

We have the giggle 2 aswell, in Toodle Pip and get so many comments on it too! We found it to be so easy to put together, my DH described it as Lego for prams. We loved it so much that we've gone for a Cosatto highchair too hoping it will be just as easy to use.

Our one was in a deal at Mothercare. We got pram carry cot, pushchair, car seat, changing bag and two raincovers for £350 so it's worth looking around for deals.

FilthMonster Wed 15-Mar-17 12:58:41

I would be cautious because of this watchdog episode - their attitude to rectifying the problem is worse than the faulty prams I think.

WoodsfortheTrees Wed 15-Mar-17 12:59:30

I would recommend the isofix base too if you can afford it. We found it on offer at Amazon for £80 and it's been so much easier getting DD in and out, no fiddly seatbeats smile

confusedat23 Wed 15-Mar-17 13:16:36

Filth that episode was well over 2 years ago and relates to the goggle which they dont sell anymore not giggle 2

I have had a few exchanges with cosatto customer services and they have been great for me smile

JollyBobs Wed 15-Mar-17 13:18:30

We have the giggle- it's fab! Good quality, fits in the boot of my mini and lovely designs. Would deffo recommend

peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 15-Mar-17 13:49:56

Filth that put me off any Cosatto product too. They've been on Watchdog repeatedly, and I've anecdotal evidence from friends of the high chairs collapsing too.

Scroobius Wed 15-Mar-17 17:11:04

I had one for my first who's just turned 4. Was recalled just as we were getting rid of it but since my sister needed one we got them to fix it. They came and collected it and returned it, no problems at all. I loved it, so lightweight, compact and easy to use, and I'm now hoping to find a deal on another for this next one.

RiceButt Wed 15-Mar-17 20:44:07

Littlejayx, I've just purchased the Wow Fjord. I love it but can't comment on use yet as baby is not due just yet.Very easy and staright forward to assemble and comes with a 4 year guarantee.

I purchased the pram with carrycot, car seat and isofix base from Babies R Us, they have £20 off if you spend £100, so they kindly split the transaction into 3 saving me £60. However, I'm kicking myself today as the Cosatto website has the Wow on offer for £599 with car seat free.

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