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Do you need a Swing & A Bouncer?!

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NewMum26 Tue 14-Mar-17 10:26:37

So we've bought the Fisher price swing and it plays music and swings and also converts into a stationary seat too. But now I have seen a bouncer seat that plays music too but looks more flat for baby to lay in and sleep where as the swing would be for keeping him entertained? Do you really need both?

glitterglitters Tue 14-Mar-17 10:37:52

No not at all. These are things that tend to be quite particular to each baby. Some of my friends babies LOVED their swings and bouncers but equally my daughter hated them. I'd hold fire until baby gives you an indication of whether or not they like the swing. If they hate it then maybe get a bouncer second hand rather than paying ££££ for new.

Batteriesallgone Tue 14-Mar-17 10:39:34

No. If baby is happy to be put down they'll go in any old piece of shite

If they aren't you can waste ££££ trying to find a magic solution and are better off just getting a good sling

dementedpixie Tue 14-Mar-17 10:59:23

I got good use out of our bouncer chairs and the kids napped in them sometimes too. Swings are more upright and we didnt use it as much.

babynelly2010 Tue 14-Mar-17 12:44:12

I just went through same dilemma. My first did not have anything, second had 2 different swings and slept once in one. This time I was going to go with swing again but found that some babies love swing and some hate them but bouncers are universal, pretty much all babies like them apparently. I went with bright starts comfort harmony bouncer. Fabric is so nice. Mothercare has a deal on them right now. I brought the neutral colour in the store as they sold out on line but pink and blue I think still available just £5 more than the neutral beige one.

ILikeSalmon Tue 14-Mar-17 12:47:00

You defo don't need both but if you can afford it go for it.
I had only a bouncer with my first and he was bored in it (no amount of vibration or tune would satisfy him) yet it was handy for naps

I then loaned a swing for a week and he loved it and it would rock him to sleep without me needing to touch t

NennyNooNoo Tue 14-Mar-17 13:15:07

The answer is you don't need either, but one or the other or possibly both might make your life easier. Since you've already got the swing, I would wait and see how he gets on with it before buying something that might not get used. In any case you can pick most of these things up second hand at car boot sales etc for next to nothing .

glitterglitters Tue 14-Mar-17 13:59:46

I always found bouncers were brilliant for having a shower and using the loo

Shadowboy Tue 14-Mar-17 14:02:45

I bought a swing. Baby hates it. I got a bouncer for her Christmas present. It's great- I get about 15-20min of safe 'baby free' time to get dressed/brush teeth and hair etc or make a tea and be able to drink it warm if I use it. In fact mine was a little refluxy and I found using it for 15min after a feed was perfect.

coffeetasteslikeshit Tue 14-Mar-17 14:06:56

I never used a swing, I just borrowed a plain no-frills bouncer from a friend and a playmat.

mouldycheesefan Tue 14-Mar-17 14:08:18

Just bouncer here.

sycamore54321 Tue 14-Mar-17 15:27:03

I've never had a swing and only a bouncer. I usually put the baby in the pram for nap and the bouncer seat or a floor mat for play time. I also use the bouncer when I'm doing tasks away from the living room like showering or cooking. I haven't felt the need for anything additional - I imagine if I'd only had a swing, I could use it in the same way as the bouncer (they are quite large though so may not be as portable around the house) and so wouldn't need both.

Don't underestimate how much floor space of your home will be taken up with baby equipment - pram, whatever kind of seat, floor mat when in use, changing may, boxes of nappies. Unless you have a huge living area, then I'd try to streamline baby equipment as much as practicable in line with your preferences. For example, I had a changing mat with everything I needed in the dining room - for me the space it took up was worth it for the convenience but someone else might consider it excessive and happily change the baby on the sofa or carry them to the nursery.

Don't go too mad buying stuff - the swing gives you somewhere safe and stimulating to put the baby while awake, which is exactly the same as a bouncer would offer.

kel1493 Tue 14-Mar-17 21:05:38

My lo loved his swing and his bouncer.
We also had the fisher price 3-in-1, but I didn't like the fact that it didn't vibrate or play music when used just as a rocking chair. That's why we made sure we had a bouncy chair as well.

AudreyBradshaw Tue 14-Mar-17 22:06:29

Dh insisted ds had a swing, he's been in it maybe twice and it's been sen tup to my mams as it was taking up space here. He's ambivalent about it at best.

Get a couple of sling. (I started with a stretchy wrap, now have a connecta. DS is a velcro baby.)

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