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Short Femur

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MrsG2017 Tue 14-Mar-17 09:17:07

Hey All

We had a growth scan today as our midwife thought the bubba was measuring small.

He is sitting in the 29th centile and his head is measuring fine at 36weeks but I noticed that his legs were measuring 33 weeks.

We had a scare for downs early in the pregnancy and had the NIPS test which came back fine but I can't help but worry.

Has anyone else had this??

Thanks All

Shayer Sat 14-Oct-17 02:16:43

Hey i been told my baby had short femur under 5th percentile all during my mrs pregnancy, and efw under 5th percentile as well, my baby boy just got out tonight healthy n fine, ive been reading all these posts here and beeen worried all throught till he came out, dont worry about nothing, ur baby is gona absolutely fine, gud luck

GingerHanna Sat 14-Oct-17 08:01:15

For reasons other than growth I have had about seven or eight scans through this pregnancy (currently 35 weeks) with the last one on Thursday just gone.

I have had from stomach measuring big to everything bang on and recently femur measuring small. It is a black art and not hugely accurate. If you watch how it is done it is very subjective and a click of the mouse to the left or right can make a big difference.

If your medical team are not worried then I would advise not to be either. These things even themselves out and tend to work out just fine.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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