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5 internal exams in 5 days - normal too have an achey pelvis?

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harleysmammy Tue 14-Mar-17 00:14:40

Ive had 5 speculum internals in 5 days, the last being today. Im 33 weeks and have had leaks, they needed to rule out my waters breaking as i have polyhydramnios. Obviously it stung a bit after the second one on saturday but i've had quite a few internals this pregnancy before the past week and i dont think i've ever felt achey. It just feels achey in my pelvic bones and like I've exercised too much, i can feel it more when i try and get up from the bed or sofa or if i bend down to stroke the dog for instance and try to get up. Normally i wouldnt mind but because i am high risk of pre term labour and i've had over 20 gushes of water in the last 5 days i am starting to worry that maybe it is pressure like the midwife said i need to look for as its a sign of labour. When i first got told i had severe polyhydramnios and was at risk of pre term labour they said the main thing i need to look for is pelvic pressure, tightenings and leaks. I was hospital bound for the last 5 days because they were sure my waters had gone (soaking 3 pads in an hour and having to change the bed sheet and pj bottoms at least 5 times a day) despite every swab test coming back negative. I've had painful tightenings that were picked up on monitor and they seemed quite frequent however they were frequent enough for it to be labour according to the midwife. So 2/3 signs have happened but i've been told im not in labour. I know its more pelvic pain/ache than pressure but i just want to know if its normal to feel achey and like i have bruised bones after having that many internal examinations, just for peace of mind as if it isnt normal after an internal and it is just randomly there, thats the 3 main signs the consultant told me to look for and obviously then im going to worry haha. Any advice is appreciated!smile x

harleysmammy Tue 14-Mar-17 00:17:08

WERE NOT** frequent enough to be labour contractions, sorry!

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Tue 14-Mar-17 07:21:05

I've found in past pregnancies that the later the speculums take place the more achey I feel after. It's possibly because flopping your legs open like that (ankles together knees right down) just isn't that great on your pelvis when done repeatedly.

I hope the rest of your pregnancy is less worrisome. flowers

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