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Aspirin 75mg in the 3rd trimester

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nursebickypegs Mon 13-Mar-17 21:55:56

Today I saw a very unhelpful OBGYN who has prescribed me 75mg aspirin. When I asked why, she said "because I'm on the large side". I'm concerned because,

- I'm scheduled a C Section
- I'm very anaemic on iron tablets TDS and B12 injections
- Unborn baby had a heart condition which has kinda corrected itself for now, but I know cardiovascular issues could occur

I'm exceptionally reluctant to take it! I'm aware I could be a DVT risk, but I walk everywhere and swim 3-4times a week.

I'm going to call my GP in the morning but any advice now would be fab

Toobloodytired Mon 13-Mar-17 22:48:48

I've been taking aspirin since I was 12 weeks. No issues for me

nursebickypegs Mon 13-Mar-17 22:50:08

@Toobloodytired why though?

Toobloodytired Mon 13-Mar-17 22:53:58

Because I'm "fat" & ive a higher risk of pre eclampsia....a higher risk of practically everything!

So midwife stuck me on it from 12 weeks until I give birth.

Not sure why they are prescribing it so late in pregnancy for you though!

nursebickypegs Mon 13-Mar-17 22:55:30

@Toobloodytired my BP is so low I've been fainting! Bless us!

Tortycat Mon 13-Mar-17 22:56:47

I was on low dose aspirin for whole pregnancy for risk of clots (not weight related though). Also has planned section which was never discussed as an issue. What are the pros/ cons? We're these discussed with you?

RedBugMug Mon 13-Mar-17 22:57:28

to reduce risk of pre-eclampsia, blood clots, to improve blood flow through umbilical cord.

nursebickypegs Mon 13-Mar-17 23:01:44

@Tortycat nope, not discussed. Just added onto the script. Really confused as I've put my nurse head on and I can't see anything beneficial or reasoning why. hmm

sweetchilli77 Mon 13-Mar-17 23:02:39

Im on it too, have been since 12th week. Bled through early stages, still ok, not aspirin related. its a therapeutic dose thats why its daily. It will not cause harm.

It shouldn't effect your anaemia unless your bleeding out somewhere.

It helps prevent preeclampsia and its also

They may advise you to stop before CS however i wouldn't be surprised if they start you on something post surgery to avoid DVT/PE. It doesn't matter how active you are.

Speak with the doctor.He/she will explain more

sweetchilli77 Mon 13-Mar-17 23:03:55

they also use it commonly for woman who have had miscarriages

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 14-Mar-17 06:22:46

Also been on it since 12w. Came off at 36w. Now almost 38w

Previous dvt
Ivf baby

10storeylovesong Tue 14-Mar-17 09:04:28

I've been on it since had my BFP due to clotting issues - 4 early mc and ds born at 27 weeks due a huge clot on placenta - I've been told I'll be on it until the end.

nursebickypegs Wed 15-Mar-17 19:08:52

Thanks for your replies everyone. I have no clots, no DVTs or history of... just a high BMI. Spoke to my GP today who has instructed me not to take it due to baby's heart condition and my low HB.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 15-Mar-17 21:38:21

I would talk to who advised you to take it before coming off the aspirin

nursebickypegs Wed 15-Mar-17 21:48:58

My local OBGYN put me on it as I was in the "large side", her words. She also thought it was my 12 week appointment, when I'm 30 weeks.

I was advised my midwife to speak to my GP.

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