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analysing scan report / going loopy

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miki123 Mon 13-Mar-17 21:54:04

Hi guys,
So, after 3 miscarriages, i am pregnant again (and over 40!). I had 2 reassurance scans at the hospital (at 5.5 & 7.5 weeks) which showed that everything was going to plan so far (heartbeat seen from 5.5 weeks etc) however I'm now at just gone 9 weeks and, after some mild brown discharge (and a LOT of freaking out) today, i chose to have a further private scan today. The doctor who scanned me said all was going to plan and well however ever since arriving home i've been scrutinising/googling every element within the scan report and am totally freaking out again. Anyone else in the same boat?? Please tell me I'm not the only nutcase round these parts...

JulyLady7 Tue 14-Mar-17 04:13:24

Hi miki,

Congratulations on your pregnancy and I'm pleased for you that it's going well!

You're not the only nut job round these parts, I'm right with you. I've had two mc's 6 last year and am currently 6 + 5 now. The consultant I saw privately for recurrent mc testing told me I could sign up as an NHS patient and he'd get EPU yup scan me weekly. With every report, I do the same as you, checking all the details on Google and looking at research articles. I go today to see if there is a baby and hb and I'm a bit nervous.

All I can say is to take comfort in the fact that it's all going to plan and hard as it is, try not to worry. Odds have never been in my favour, so they're no comfort to me, but you have a hb and all else is well, these are great signs!
I hope your next scan comes round quickly, second tri isn't too far for you!

JulyLady7 Tue 14-Mar-17 04:14:02

Dunno where that 6 came from! 2 mc last year!

miki123 Tue 14-Mar-17 07:06:55

Will be thinking of you today JulyLady7...these first 12 weeks are SO bloody stressful, it's unreal!! Big hugs x

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