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Stretch Marks

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Butterybean Mon 13-Mar-17 16:39:12

Hello all, 8+4 here and starting to think about stretch mark prevention.

Do i need to buy the bio oil stuff? I have lots of coconut oil and almond oil here, will either of these do? Do i need to combine the oil with something else?


user1487776842 Mon 13-Mar-17 16:56:43

Unfortunately there is no grantee that you won't get them, no matter how much oil or cream you put on. I used bio oil with dd1 2/3 times a day and got them pretty nasty towards the end... Then tried coco butter with dd2 which was good, but still didn't prevent them completely.... I haven't really bothered this time with dd3 just used the occasional bit of coconut oil and they haven't seem to have stretched any more and I don't have any new ones... Think its just pot luck tbhh

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