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Depression & pregnancy

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user1489419787 Mon 13-Mar-17 16:01:06

Looking for some advice-

Have had depression which I'm medicated for for the past 18 months.

Am coming up to 12 weeks pregnant, and feel like my depression is far far worse than it ever has been, to the point where it's affecting my job and am set to lose it soon.

Wondered if it's worth just signing myself off even if it's just for a while, and claiming ESA.

My only concern is paying the rent, we're private renting, my partner only earns £250 a week and that's how much rent is weekly, would I be entitled to any help with that?

I'm so scared and it's making everything worse 

Advice would be much appreciated

DinosaurFanGirl Mon 13-Mar-17 17:12:34

Best advice is to talk to your midwife/GP who will refer you to the mental health midwife.

I suffer with depression and psychosis and actually have found the maternity team are super understanding.

Worth also talking to your employer. I was signed off last year for 2 months and they recognised that depression is a health issue and so with a doctor's letter I received SSP. That might be a better route and a far easier one.


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