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32 weeks, given steroids and waiting for baby

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harleysmammy Mon 13-Mar-17 00:32:12

So im 33 weeks in 2 days, for the last 4 days ive been in hospital every day for waters leaking. The test came back negative until today when they said my water was leaking and they've put my on anti biotics, kept me in and said when the pains get worse (which they are) they'll give me steroids and deliver the baby. In a way im SO glad they know what it is now but im also quite scared now. The midwife said the worst that could happen is my baby boy is in scbu for a couple weeks but im starting to panic abit now. Has anyone had a 32 weeker and what was it like? Good stories only please!! Read enough horror stories to last me a life time! X

verytiredmummy1 Mon 13-Mar-17 00:53:26

No advice but sending flowers

If it helps my first tried to come at 30 weeks and the staff were relatively calm about it. More so than I was! In the end DD came at 38 weeks. They had lots of babies in SCBU born from 24 weeks!

ExplodedCloud Mon 13-Mar-17 00:57:36

I had a 34 week baby. 4 days in Special Care. Reflux was an issue but other than that it was all OK. No long term problems smile
At 32 weeks the odds are pretty good!

MintChocAddict Mon 13-Mar-17 01:14:42

flowers Had a 33 weeker who spent just over two weeks in SCBU. A few worrying moments initially as was quite anaemic when he was born but he but rallied really well. As an aside the anaemia wasn't expected so try not to worry about that. In general my understanding is that babies born at this gestation tend to do well.

If he does have to go to SCBU it may be that his feeding reflex may not have kicked in yet. In our case he needed tube fed for a week or so. He also had a touch of jaundice which was quickly sorted with an eye mask and a special ultraviolet blanket.

Best advice would be that if he is in SCBU for a period of time try to get as involved as possible in his care. The nursing staff will probably encourage this anyway. If he's briefly tube fed and if you're planning to breastfeed then try to express some milk for the feeding tube.
Try to rest yourself too if you can and are still on a ward. Time might pass quite slowly so take advantage of opportunities to nap as he continues to grow in his cot. The SCBU staff will take great care of him while you're resting or expressing milk.
Hope all goes well for you and your boy when the time comes.

cornflakes91 Mon 13-Mar-17 06:33:11

My second was born at 32+4, I too had PPROM and was given steroids before he was born. He did very well in NICU just needed to have a tube until he learnt to feed, begin to maintain his temperature and be under the jaundice lights. He's now 5 and has suffered no long term complications that we can tell. It's a scary time but the odds are brilliant for a preemie if this gestation smile.

Neve77 Mon 13-Mar-17 07:39:29

I was a 33 weeker, 26 years ago and I'm sure that there has been massive strides in premature baby care since then! I know it's very frightening but you are in the safest place for you and your baby.

harleysmammy Mon 13-Mar-17 09:31:54

Thanks ladies. Looks like i was worried for nothing, they're sending me home again because apparently the test was negative even though i've given them 6 pads since half 7 this morning and its not half 9. I dont know whats going on and why they're not listening to me but im fed up with arguing haha

friends123 Mon 13-Mar-17 17:34:32

Hi Harley,
Have they offered you a scan to check fluid levels?
I had confirmed Pprom at 18 weeks however mine kept topping up. If you keep leaking,keep checking with them.

I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant, I've just had steroids because my cervix is opening now and my membranes are visible. Just wanted to say thanks to all the other posters for sharing their positive stories. flowers

10storeylovesong Mon 13-Mar-17 17:40:34

I'm glad you're on your way home.

Just to add to the positive stories... my ds was born at 27+2. There were some scary moments but he's now a healthy, happy 4 year old who's hit all his development milestones and is as bright as a button. He was by far the youngest in SCBU while we were there and the babies born 30+ weeks had a lot less medical involvement. I would expect you'll only be there for a couple of weeks while you establish feeding etc. Good luck!

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