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ErinnLouisee12 Sun 12-Mar-17 11:30:49

Hey this is my second pregnancy and both my partner and nan think I'm depressed, I've got a midwife appointment soon so was going to talk to her then, but I was just wondering what will happen if she ones think I'm depressed?

I had severe sickness from 7wks to 18/19wks of my pregnancy I'm now 23wks and heartburn is so bad I want to cry and nothing works , however since the sickness, which left me in hospital 2/3 times, began I have been feeling like I have no energy, I can't be bothered to do anything, I'm generally down and upset all the time and I don't do anything or go anywhere unless I force myself or it's absolutely necessary, there are the odd good days but my partner and nan have both said I can be really nasty at times and I don't even know I'm doing it. I'm so irritable too and the slightest thing will set me off into this horrible mood and it's just making everything really difficult, my daughter is the only one who I seem to be fine and happy around and I make as much effort as possible with her as I fear she'll feel left out once baby arrives, but when I'm alone I just don't do anything...

user1480264544 Sun 12-Mar-17 13:45:06

This is exactly how I feel! I became deepressed after my first child and it's no way the same feeling. I think it's all just pregnancy hormones! I physically hate my partner this time around I'm rude to most people I've become extremely lazy to the point I don't want to leave the house! My daughter is the only reason I get up but again I think it's exhaustion etc! If your genuinely worried defo talk to your midwife as only you know how you feel! I'm 20 weeks so roundabout the same as you and if I could of write this post it would of been how you have word for word! Depression is so serious and I do think people use it lightly sometimes with pregnant ladies .. we're just huge hormonal, moody and unapproachable cretures sometimes 🙈 Good luck tho I hope you feel better xx

DinosaurFanGirl Sun 12-Mar-17 16:25:11

Your midwife will refer you to a mental health midwife and possibly suggest you see your GP too. They are fully trained and experienced with helping with depression in pregnancy. You'll be in supportive hands. Good luck x

ErinnLouisee12 Sun 12-Mar-17 19:44:00

Thank you so much you've made me feel so much better! Because I have times where I literally can't stand my partner 😂 It doesn't help that he thinks he knows everything about pregnancy either!🙈I barely remember my first pregnancy and it was a pretty easy one! I wasn't worried about anything but the fact two relatives have said they think I am has made me paranoid about being depressed! This pregnancy has been so tough on me physically though! But when I finally go out and see some friends or family I have a great time and I feel fine and happy, so I'm hoping it's just where I thought this pregnancy wouldn't be bad as my first wasn't and I thought it'd be easy with a mixture of hormones.
I will be mentioning to my midwife that I've been feeling down etc , but with all the hospital trips and scares about my fluid leaking , I feel that could be the reason for it as I am a bit stressed and worried about bambino!
Thank you both again! Xx

highinthesky Sun 12-Mar-17 19:47:14

OP, your not the first and you won't be the last. Be assured there is light at the end of the tunnel flowers

peppatax Sun 12-Mar-17 19:49:30

How do you explain to people though? I'm exactly the same but have MH history too.

People are trying to 'help me' but I get so angry at them doing things wrong and then follow it up with more anger when they say they're doing everything they can to help. angry

Elledouble Sun 12-Mar-17 19:52:57

Definitely talk to your midwife. Hopefully they'll refer you to a antenatal mental health clinic. The added bonus of this - speaking from experience - is that you'll be "in the system" if it turns into PND.

ErinnLouisee12 Sun 12-Mar-17 20:09:49

I'm not sure how you could explain it, I haven't explained to any one how I feel, not really , I usually just feel exhausted so I tend to think the crappy mood is due to that? So no knes really tried helping me! As they've not been aware as I don't see or speak to his family that often and my dad works away and my mums in work 40+ a week so I guess I feel quite alone. I'm so excited for this baby to arrive and want it to hurry up and with being in uni and having assignment after assignment to do and having to travel to uni and back, I wonder if it's all just a bit much for me?
The thing is only my nan and partner have picked up on anything and I haven't told any one how I've felt cause I haven't really noticed if that makes sense?
Like I know I feel down but I'm clearly ignoring it especially because of my little girl needing me to get on with life! I don't know.

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