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No embryo at 7 weeks

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24sevenminicab Sat 11-Mar-17 10:59:51

Just hoping someone can give me some hope really.
I had an early pregnancy scan. Am supposed to be 7+1 today. There wasn't a heartbeat. Yolk sac was present but no embroyo. I have been sent to the EPU. The lady said it didn't look too good as sac was too small. Does this mean am having a miscarriage? Am beyond heartbroken

24sevenminicab Sat 11-Mar-17 11:01:11

Sorry for confusion. Am waiting to be seen at EPU, haven't been seen yet. The lady I referred to is the one who did the private scan for me.

RainbowChasing Sat 11-Mar-17 11:33:40

Are you definitely sure of your dates? Could you be closer to 5 weeks?

I had an empty sac last year at 8 weeks which was eventually diagnosed as I blighted ovum. However, I only grew a gestational sac and not a yolk sac. I remember the uncertainty of seeing an empty sac and not knowing what was going on. I've got my fingers crossed that your dates are off and when you go back for the next scan you see more.

PlayOnWurtz Sat 11-Mar-17 11:35:51

Hi, I had a scan yesterday too and also should be 7+ weeks but she put me at 6+ weeks on the scan. Also didn't see a heartbeat or yolk sac but sonographer wasn't worried as all measurements were as they should be. I'm going back next week to be scanned again. Are you being offered that chance?

Hope all is well it's a worrying time flowers

24sevenminicab Sat 11-Mar-17 13:05:28

Thank you both for your replies, means a lot as I can't stop crying.
Rainbow, my first day of last period was 20/01 so dates works at 7+1. But I ovulated on day 17 of a 27 day cycle so I don't know if it means anything.

Play no wasn't given another scan, just told to go to EPU. I hope all goes well with your scan next week.

passmethewine123 Sat 11-Mar-17 13:36:51

If you ovulated on CD17 your pregnancy will be about 3 days behind the conventional average. So instead of being 7+1 you're more like 6+5 which might make all the difference in terms of seeing a heartbeat as it's so early still.

PlayOnWurtz Sat 11-Mar-17 13:42:44

My lmp was also 20/1 but I have a short cycle. Here's hoping for happy news

24sevenminicab Sat 11-Mar-17 14:52:36

Thank you I hope you are both right. It's my husband's birthday today and was worst news ever

calimommy Sun 12-Mar-17 05:31:44

I went in at 6 weeks due with pain and they scanned me, it measured 5 weeks and was an empty sac, not even a yolk. I assumed I was having another mc (I've had two babies but also two mc). I went back two weeks later and there was the foetal pole and yolk sac. They couldn't measure the heart rate but it was flickering. I should have been 8 and it measured 7+2. So it grew the two weeks and gained two days. Then went back in another two weeks when I should have been 10 and it measured 9+3 so gained another day. Then I had a private scan at 12 weeks and it was bang on 12 weeks.
Hoping you have a similar outcome. And don't be too discouraged if you have a scan tomorrow or soon and it is the same out come, you really need a good week or two to see changes. They are hard weeks though, I know!

24sevenminicab Sun 12-Mar-17 05:42:56

Thank you for such an encouraging post Cali and for sharing your positive story. Am sorry for your losses as well, it's devastating to say the least.
I am hoping am just out on dates. But the lady who scanned me said it didn't look good and I should expect the worst. I haven't slept all night. My husband and I are broken. We had so many dreams and hopes and feels like it's all been snatched away. If the scan lady told me it measures early so don't worry and come back in a couple of weeks, I would have been okay. The fact she actually said it didn't look good and she's really sorry now just broke my spirit.
I will receive a call from EPU by mid next week so will know better. Thanks for being there.

calimommy Sun 12-Mar-17 05:54:55

She could have just been preparing you in case but honestly unless you have pain and bleeding or if you go back in two weeks and there's no change, then there's reason to be positive. I think it was a little unnecessary for her to have said that. It's not like they can tell by looking at the sac so she was just basing her comments on measurements. And it is so very tiny now, there's room for error. It's hard not to assume the worst. Wait to see what they say at the next scan.

24sevenminicab Sun 12-Mar-17 06:05:23

Thank you Cali. I am clinging to that hope as well. There's no pain nor bleeding so am really hoping you are right. I think she was preparing me for the worst too. The doctor at the urgent care who referred me to the EPU said the same thing as yourself. Thank you so much, in the earliest hours everything seem so much worst so thanks for being there for me and giving me hope.

eliolo Sun 12-Mar-17 06:07:46

I know it's difficult but try and stay positive until you know for sure flowers
I had an early scan and should have been 7+5, had a sac but nothing else as far as I can remember. They told me to go back in 2 weeks for a rescan to check if there was anything viable and there was a heartbeat smilethought I had been 100% sure on dates too but things change!
Currently have a 3 month old on the bed who's been chatting to the ceiling for an hour so don't lose hope smile

24sevenminicab Sun 12-Mar-17 06:37:55

Thank you for sharing Eliolo. I hope it's the same for me too. I too am so sure of my dates as I was tracking ovulation. Thank you for understanding. Enjoy extra cuddles with your 3 months old x

calimommy Wed 15-Mar-17 18:13:36

Hey 24seven how did your scan go? 🤞

MistyBxx Sat 25-Mar-17 00:41:00

Hi ladies, is this thread still active?

I'm in a bit of a state 😭 had an early scan yesterday (paid for privately - I've had no bleeding, spotting, bad cramps or anything at all to suggest anything is wrong, I'm just a complete stress head) I was 7 weeks on the dot and there was nothing but an empty sac 😩 it measured 8.4mm and was no yolk sac, embryo, fetal pole or heartbeat within it. It was an internal scan too.
She said my dates could be out but I don't know how as it was exactly 7 weeks to the day of the start of my last period. Not 100% sure exactly what day I ovulated but I've a feeling it was on cd14.
She also spotted an endometrioma on one ovary but I've had no idea it was there and she said that's not a massive issue if I've not had symptoms or noticed it before.
I've got another scan in 10 days time (early pregnancy unit nhs) I'm just wondering if anyone else is in the same position or has had a positive result from this. I'm feeling pretty distraught, this is my first ever pregnancy, we tried hard for 7 months and I'm absolutely devastated thinking the worst. I have slightly tender breasts but no other symptoms. No sickness, no more tired than normal, food aversions, nothing.
Just looking for any possible reassurance or any way of coming back from this...? My heart is breaking xx

calimommy Sat 25-Mar-17 02:35:22

mysty your better off starting a new thread if you have a question. X the OP hasn't responded so I guess things didn't work out for her.

MistyBxx Sat 25-Mar-17 10:39:03

Oh no 😩 poor thing, I must admit I skipped through the posts a little, I will start one now x

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