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Miscarriage or Ectopic Pregnancy?

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paigeleeforever182 Sat 11-Mar-17 10:01:03

Really need some opinions!! I'm about 6 weeks pregnant, and I've been having really bad sharp pains in my right side and up through my right shoulder. I went to the ER, last night and they didn't say much, blood work came back fine. This is the 3rd blood test I've had, and my levels have all gone up. They did an ultrasound, and said it's too early to see anything so we would just have to wait and call my doctor. It's the weekend, so I'm not able to call my doctor until Monday. I went to that ER again tonight because the pain countined and seemed to worsen, it also lasted 3 hours and had not gone away. They took blood and urine. Now my hcg levels have dropped from last night to 420 to 230. They also said I have a uti, and started me on antibiotics. They said to follow up with a doctor, and that the pain could be from the uti, but the low levels could also be an indication that I had a miscarriage. But I have no bleeding and I'm not feeling any pain in my actual stomach. Just my right side, more towards my back. Has anyone else experience anything like this or have any advice as to if I should be worried? Could it be ectopic? Is it possible to have a normal pregnancy even if levels happen to drop? I just have no idea why my levels would continue to increase, and then just drop all of a sudden? sad

haveacupoftea Sat 11-Mar-17 10:44:32

Ectopic pregnancies often end naturally so the two are not mutually exclusive. Sorry to hear your pregnancy hasn't worked out flowers

DuRezidal Sat 11-Mar-17 13:33:46

From what I have learned recently if the levels drop there is an issue.

Can you get referred to EPU as they should be able to see something at 6 weeks.

10storeylovesong Sat 11-Mar-17 14:03:20

I really don't want to be negative but I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks last year and when my hcg levels came back they were very similar to yours. The dr said they would expect them to be in the 000s by that point. I would also attend your EPU. I hope everything works out well for you.

DuRezidal Sun 12-Mar-17 09:59:58

How are you feeling today?

paigeleeforever182 Mon 13-Mar-17 06:33:27

Feeling better today. Haven't had any pain the past 2 days. Finally Monday tomorrow so I'm gonna call my Dr. And hopefully she'll be able to get me in so I know more!!

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