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First pregnancy worries!

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user1489175536 Fri 10-Mar-17 20:33:08

As mentioned, this is my first pregnancy, and i'm 18. In my family, there have been several misscariages, and in blood family a stillbirth. This all obviosuly makes me very anxious for my pregnancy. But being able to deal with the anxiety is proving almost impossible for me, instead it's turning into a daily struggle!
I'm currently 7 weeks, 2 days pregnant, and since finding out have been having 'period pains'. I have asked my doctor about the pauns I have experienced to which she said are all normal except if they turn into extreme pain and/ or have bleeding.
I have had to book an early private scan for reassurance, but that also has had me very scared. I'm so excited to see my baby and hear a heartbeat but there's always the chance of that not happening which absolutely terrifies me, as obviosuly will so many others so I don't know how to battle this and become more confident...!?

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