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Should I consider myself 'pregnant'

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MichelleLdn85 Fri 10-Mar-17 07:57:05

Hi! This is probably a silly question but I really am clueless on matters of pregnancy so would appreciate some advice. I've done a couple of tests and they've both come back positive and its been over 6 weeks since the first day of my last period. I've not been to the gp yet as couldn't get an appointment until this coming Wednesday. I'm trying not to get excited, but I can't help it. So, my question is, at this point, would you consider yourself 'on the way to having a baby', even though you've not had a scan yet and really don't know what's going on inside you, or can I get excited?! I'm so paranoid about something going wrong or the pregnancy not have actually transpired properly in the first place, and worrying about the level of dissappointed I'll feel if this doesn't happen that I'm becoming slightly obsessed with researching the chances of it not happening confused. Thanks in advance xx

lougle Fri 10-Mar-17 08:01:05

If you've done a positive test and it is 6 weeks since the beginning of your last period, then you are 6 weeks pregnant. Congratulationssmile

skinnyamericano Fri 10-Mar-17 08:02:29

Definitely! Congratulations 💐💐💐

AnoiseAnnoysanOyster Fri 10-Mar-17 08:06:16

You've got a positive test, you're pregnant congratulations! Don't expect the GP to do much, they won't confirm it. They might take your blood pressure and dipstick your urine and refer you to the midwife. In some areas you can self refer, you don't have to see the GP so check how it works where you live.

Spam88 Fri 10-Mar-17 08:12:06

Yep you're pregnant.

I was doing my best not to get too attached at this early stage ('if we have a baby', not referring to it as the baby, didn't talk to it, that sort of stuff) but I must admit it didn't last very long...

Backhometothenorth Fri 10-Mar-17 08:16:57

Consider yourself well and truly pregnant! Congratulations flowers

GreedyDuck Fri 10-Mar-17 08:35:48

Uh yeah, why wouldn't you?! Congratulations.

I've had two mmc around the 7/8 week mark, but still absolutely considered myself pregnant from the moment I got a positive test.

ymmv Fri 10-Mar-17 08:38:20

You don't get a scan until later so prepare yourself for feeling sicky weird limbo. Congratulations!

ExcitedMamaToBe Fri 10-Mar-17 08:38:34

Yea definitely! I referred to myself as pregnant from the moment I got a positive test, I was just under 6 weeks. Congratulations and good luck with the pregnancy! smile

MichelleLdn85 Fri 10-Mar-17 09:35:49

Aww, thanks for the responses! Really helpful just to hear what others would think at this stage. But that's definitive then, I'll consider myself pregnant if everyone else would and try not to think about what could go wrong.

Iggi999 Fri 10-Mar-17 09:41:16

I think this is why people say "expecting a baby" - and once you are pg it's perfectly reasonable to expect a baby to come out of it, even if you are anxious and have fingers crossed etc. You can't guard yourself against disappointment, if that happens that's when you need to deal with it, not now. Best of luck.

picklemepopcorn Fri 10-Mar-17 09:50:31

I know how you feel, I waited until I went to the GP to have it confirmed assuming she would do a test. So I thought of myself as 'might be pregnant'. She just said my test would be more accurate than hers!

So yes, you can consider yourself pregnant!

arbrighton Fri 10-Mar-17 10:06:11

Gp reception just hand you the midwife's number here if you say you're pregnant....

thepatchworkcat Fri 10-Mar-17 10:37:13

Similar to previous posters - I went to Doc expecting them to test and confirm it but she didn't, she said they only use the same ones I would have bought so if I'd had a positive then yes I was pregnant. It is hard to get your head around, especially if you haven't got any signs/sickness yet! Congratulations!

EpoxyResin Fri 10-Mar-17 11:16:48

When I first got a positive test and went to the doctor's with ds the conversation went something like this...

Me: I've had a positive pregnancy test.
Doc: So you're pregnant.
Me: Well... okay... so what is the most likely outcome from this?
Doc: Um... you're going to have a baby confused I know how you feel!

MazDazzle Fri 10-Mar-17 11:26:27

It's a strange time. The Doctor won't be interested. You will have to find out from the receptionist how you go about getting a booking appointment with the midwife. It took me AGES to get a date. I had to chase them for one month!

Congratulations! After your booking appointment it will seem more real.

MichelleLdn85 Fri 10-Mar-17 12:08:04

Thanks ladies! Good to know I'm not the only one who has felt like they're in limbo until someone does a scan and says there's definitely a baby growing in there!

2014newme Fri 10-Mar-17 12:10:26

You don't need to see a doctor

arbrighton Fri 10-Mar-17 13:58:30

Oh yes to limbo, despite inflating boobs, nausea etc, I wasn't convinced there was a baby until the scan. Even now, 23weeks and plenty of kicking, still surreal

Anotherminime Fri 10-Mar-17 14:01:40

Yep you are definitely pregnant. It a weird time the first few months, but ordinarily you won't get a scan until 12 weeks, so almost 1/3 of the way through the pregnancy. You definitely don't want to be holding out till then to class yourself as pregnant! I completely understand the feeling of not believing it through, I didn't have many symptoms with my first and did not believe it was really happening until the scan!

Call up your GP and they'll be able to tell you if you can refer straight to the midwife or if you need to see a Dr first (it seems to vary from practice to practice). Then you can get a booking in appointment and a scan date. Good luck!

Jessiecat27 Fri 10-Mar-17 15:02:08

I'm in exactly the same boat! Three positive tests already telling me I should be but I'm going to see my gp next week (I'll be about 6 weeks by then) because she's been really helpful with me in the past and see what she advises, I'm trying so hard not to get too excited but it's hard! Good luck!

MichelleLdn85 Fri 10-Mar-17 15:12:55

Good luck to you too, Jessie! This not knowing is excruciating isn't it?!

I just starting bleeding a bit about am hour ago. No cramps though, but I am super thirsty which I read could be a symptom. I freaked out immediately and got quite upset but after doing a bit of Googling, I don't think the worst is necessarily happening. I really don't know how people try for babies for years. I don't think I could cope with all the emotions.

Jessiecat27 Fri 10-Mar-17 18:01:38

Some ladies regularly bleed through the whole pregnancy so unless you're in pain I wouldn't worry about it, it's nerve wracking! It's worse waiting over the weekend too! I've been so tired but until I took a test I hasn't even thought of it 🙈

haveacupoftea Sat 11-Mar-17 01:32:15

Yeah it takes a while to get your head around! My GP appointment she asked me which hospital I want to have my baby in and I was like holy shit i'm having a baby! 28 weeks now and still not totally convinced this isn't some imagined scenario stemming from a mental breakdown or something confusedblush

Sakura03 Sat 11-Mar-17 14:55:48

Congrats Michelle flowers I'm 5 weeks on Monday and got my bfp last Monday. I'm scared to get excited as I had a mc at 5wk3 on 28 May 2015. But it's hard not to think about it. Yesterday I felt as if I was about to come on and had really sore boobs, but that's gone, now I just feel bloated and thirsty. I'm not going to ca my GP surgery until I reach 8 weeks, I hope that's okay.

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