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blondehair Thu 09-Mar-17 10:56:13

I've been getting pains under my ribs for a few days now. It's like something is pushing against the inside of my ribs.

It did just begin with if I laid on that side, it would start to hurt, but now it seems to be all the time. Whether I'm laid on the other side or even just sat up. I'm starting to notice the pain a bit more regular now, and was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar pain? I'm going to call the doctors as well and make an appointment just to be safe.

GemSingleton Thu 09-Mar-17 11:39:28

I had this when I was pregnant. For me almost felt like a numb pain under my ribs. I think it's just the pressure of the baby getting big and filling all the room he has. From when I was around 28 weeks I just couldn't get comfortable and the rib pain was just constant.

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