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Urine glucose

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redjumper Thu 09-Mar-17 09:50:10

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and my urine tests keep showing glucose, sometimes quite high levels. This has just been in my third trimester. I've had two previous pregnancies with no gestational diabetes. I don't think I have GD this time as a recent HbA1c test was well within normal. I also have a home blood sugar monitor and my fasting glucose is always <5.
The midwives and docs keep telling me they just ignore urine glucose but I'm not sure. At least surely it's not good to have sugar sat in my bladder, will it not cause a UTI? But aren't there other risks? What are other people's experience of what happens when they have glucose in their urine?
Oh, and I usually have trace protein too but again get told that's not a problem. My bp is low. I feel very ill in myself, I have to crawl upstairs, I can hardly walk without terrible breathlessness, I've been off sick from work for weeks with exhaustion. The only thing that comes up on tests is iron deficiency and I'm on iron supplements.

Helbelle75 Thu 09-Mar-17 10:11:25

At my 34 week appointment last week, I had a + for sugar in my urine for the first time. Midwife said that if it happens again, I would need to do a glucose tolerance test for gd. If it had been more than 1 + she would have referred me straight away.
Seems odd that they haven't tested further to see why you feel so rubbish. Can you ask at the Antenatal unit?

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