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Vomiting bug-can't even keep water down

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Snowflakes1122 Thu 09-Mar-17 09:09:21

What can I do to avoid dehydration? It only started 6am and I have been so sick already. Can't even keep any water down.

Any tips or advice welcome sad

Snowflakes1122 Thu 09-Mar-17 09:12:15

Forgot to add, I'm 25+3 weeks

10storeylovesong Thu 09-Mar-17 09:12:59

Ice cubes - suck them slowly. It's slightly less likely to come straight back up if it goes down slowly. And keeps your lips wet.

delilahbucket Thu 09-Mar-17 09:15:38

I had gastro flu when pregnant. Within a few hours of being sick I was admitted to hospital and put on a drip for dehydration. Do not underestimate how quickly you can become dehydrated if you are not keeping fluids down. Ring your midwife for advice.

redjumper Thu 09-Mar-17 10:02:31

You need to pass urine minimum of 6-8 hourly. Less than 8 hourly and it's really not good at all and you should probably go to a&e.
Otherwise, try ice lollies, ice cold water etc. And as soon as you can tolerate drinking then really make an effort to replace what was lost.

Snowflakes1122 Thu 09-Mar-17 10:30:10

I rang the assessment unit, and they told me they don't really want me going on and waiting with a load of other pregnant women in the waiting room for the assessment unit. So to give it another 4 hours or so.

Is this right? I feel so rough and told her my concerns for dehydration on baby.
I've not been able to keep water down since last night sad

Snowflakes1122 Thu 09-Mar-17 10:30:51

Going in not on

MyschoolMyrules Thu 09-Mar-17 10:34:04

Drink one table spoon of water at a time, every 5 minutes. If you are sick again your body will have had time to process a little bit of water. Do you have rehydration sachets?

Snowflakes1122 Thu 09-Mar-17 10:40:02

I'm having tiny mouthfuls with the hope my body is getting some of it.

I'm going to ask DH to bring some of those sachets home-good idea thanks.

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