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Help second on its way

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rperrina Thu 09-Mar-17 02:18:21

I was just wondering how mothers of two cope with two little ones. I have a ds who is 2 and another on the way. My ds still very occasionally wakes at night and needs my reassurance, this can sometimes take an hour or two before he settles back into a deep sleep. I don't leave him crying during the night I prefer to stay with him until he's asleep. But what do I do with second baby if/when this happens? Thanks confused

calimommy Fri 10-Mar-17 03:43:00

You juggle. Or your DH gets up and helps out too. And you don't get a huge amount of sleep. My DS1 didn't start to sleep through the night till after 2.5yrs and my DS2 was born before he turned 2. I was pretty tired! They are 3.5 and 1.5 now and I'm up 2-3 times a night between them. Occasionally they will both sleep through, which is bloody amazing. DS3 is due for sept, they others will be 2&4 in July so it's close enough. You will be fine, you will adapt. Xxx

RedCrab Fri 10-Mar-17 07:32:53

Yes, your partner needs to take over with the toddler. My first was sleeping through by the time our second child came along - but he went through a phase of waking up crying for me in the night during the first month. So my husband co slept with him for a while.

I'm now pregnant with DC3 and the DC2 is just turned two and still not sleeping through properly. So I'll be in with the baby and once again, husband will go to the toddler. We all just swap around and do whatever gets us the most sleep 😊

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