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Varicose veins

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Mustbeinsane1984 Wed 08-Mar-17 20:14:45

Feeling really sorry for myself and wondering if anyone is in a similar position.

With DC1 I had mild varicose veins in my legs and something similar to blood pooling just under the skin. I wore stockings for the varicose veins and was told the small blood pooling ones would disappear after pregnancy. The majority did. But I was left with patches of the smaller ones on both shins at the top and bottom. They are unsightly and I'm so embarrassed about them sad

Currently pregnant with DC2 and these have flared up again and the large varicose are back. I also have two huge ones on my vulva sad

Over the past two weeks my legs have felt more achy and sounds strange but claustrophobic. I have also noticed after a shower they sort of look dead! I don't know if this is just generally getting worse as I a I'm getting heavier or if there is a slight cause for concern.

I do have an appointment with my consultant next week and he has previously spoken about warfarin injections but does it need to develop into a DVT first before any action is taken?

Please help!!

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