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34 weeks pregnant. Breech baby

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Lotsofqueries Wed 08-Mar-17 20:01:51

I was so shocked when told this yesterday and I have so many questions!
This is my second baby. First baby wasn't breech and I had an easy birth, as easy as they can be. Was hoping for the same this time but was told my placenta was low and had to be scanned again at 34weeks. Placenta has moved up out the way but baby is breech.
They said I have to go back at 36 weeks and if still breech, there are 3 options. Try turn it but it's 50/50 and can turn back. Give birth as is. Or c section.
Does anyone know what the chances are of the baby turning in the next 2 weeks.
They said baby is around 5lb. Is that normal at 34 weeks?
Does anyone reccomend trying to have baby turned? I am rhesus neg. so is this risky?
Or has anyone give birth to a breech baby? They told me there are risks?
Is c section the safest option, and if so when do they book you in for it? As first born was 4 days early. And is it really 6 weeks recovery time? How long in hospital?
Sorry lots and lots of questions! Had such an easy time with first born - this is all new to me!

gigi556 Wed 08-Mar-17 22:21:48

Just posted this is another thread but try accupuncture now. It's the perfect time. If it doesn't work you can look at your options in 2 weeks. Baby can definitely still turn at this stage. Most people tend to elect a c section with breech babies but I'd read up and consider all options. Breech vaginal delivery can be safe but I think it depends on what kind of breech. If it's butt down and your second baby, I think they say it's not dangerous - but I'm not an expert so I'd read up!

Emma2803 Wed 08-Mar-17 22:50:37

Definitely not an expert but will give you my experience of a breech baby (my first) . Breech from 29 weeks. Big baby and was estimated at 4lb 6Oz at 29 weeks. Tried spinning babies and pulsitilla homeopathic remedy to turn him but he wouldn't budge. Had a successful ECV at 37.5weeks. Might be a bit riskier when rhesus negative but I'd imagine they would give you anti d as a precaution. I think it's more likely baby will turn their own if it's a second baby as uterus has already been stretched before.
Baby stayed head down but he never was engaged. Was induced at 40+4 they were expecting a 10lb+ baby (8lb 11Oz) anyway he was too high up and I couldn't get him out so ended up needing an emergency c section.
Recovery wasn't too bad I was up out of bed that night after catheter removed, I took painkillers for a week after, it wasn't really too sore, just have to be careful lifting heavy things. I was back driving at 5 weeks.

Just to note my hospital doesn't offer breech birth. For what it's worth I still think you have plenty of time for baby to turn itself, I personally didn't find the ECV too bad of an experience and I felt completely safe the whole way through.

SloanyAnne Wed 08-Mar-17 22:54:46

2 of my babies turned much later than I was told that they could though both also went 2 weeks overdue. I got into a swimming pool as often as I could once I was told they were breech as I'd read it in a magazine and was desperate to try anything.

TwoDrifters Wed 08-Mar-17 23:46:22

I was exactly the same. Breech at 34 weeks and am rhesus neg. Decided I didn't want the ECV so went to the spinning babies website and tried all the suggestions they had. I laid for hours with my legs up the wall! When I turned up for my c-section, having taken all the pre-emptive meds and gotten to the hospital crazy early, they did a quick scan before we went down to theatre, and the baby had flipped! So I recommend the exercises. Worked for me! Hope all goes well flowers

KavvLar Wed 08-Mar-17 23:53:26

Mine turned at 39 weeks. I was on the trolley in the hospital all stockinged up and waiting to be wheeled down for the planned C section.

They did a quick scan, DC had turned at the last minute, I went home sans baby and ate my body weight in Galaxy cookie bars for the next three weeks. Finally made an appearance at 42 weeks.

nursebickypegs Thu 09-Mar-17 02:31:36

The manual turning is incredibly painful from what I've seen as a student. Not the most credible source but Kim K had it done on KUWTK.

I thought they stopped doing breech deliveries, but I read on some stupid baby forum on FB that they are doing more of them now but it's down to the midwife.

daisygirlmac Thu 09-Mar-17 03:08:59

Mine was breech until 39 weeks - do read up on your options, there's an AIMS booklet by Jane Evans which is great, you can get it on kindle. I couldn't have ECV (bicornuate uterus) but it's certainly an option. If it's your first baby I think they can sometimes turn very late!

Also look at the spinning babies website and if you have anyone who does pregnancy reflexology or acupuncture near you then that's also worth a try. YY to swimming as well!

I had a crash c section and am recovering fine, I was up and about as soon as my spinal block wore off but as other posters have said, you do need to look after yourself once you get home and not lift anything heavy or overdo it.

fernanie Thu 09-Mar-17 03:10:16

It's not uncommon for babies to turn in the last few weeks. Especially with second babies, as the head often doesn't engage in the pelvis until a bit later so it's easier for the baby to move freely.
I second the recommendation of the spinning babies website. It's also worth looking at moxybustion - it sounds like pseudoscience but there's some evidence behind it if I recall correctly. ECVs aren't always incredibly painful, although they can feel a bit weird. Like most of these things, the more relaxed you are the less painful it is. The moxybustion can also help soften your uterus to make it easier. If you're rh negative they'd likely give you an anti-d shot to negate any increased risk from the ECV.
NurseBicky is right; there's an increasing tendency to go for vaginal breech births and a renewed focus in midwifery education in training midwives to be really competent in this area. It does depend to an extent on which midwives are on duty when you go into labour but if this was a route you wanted to go down you could talk to the consultant midwife or supervisor of midwives at the trust and see if there's a breech-trained midwife who could go on call for you nearer the time.

LozzaRoseMumOf3tobe Thu 09-Mar-17 03:30:35

I had a successful ECV last week at 37+4, it wasn't nice mainly because my baby had his feet in my pelvis rather than a bum. I would defo do it again if it meant not having a c section. The stay in hosp afterwards depends on how you recover, last time I was in for 5 days and took 6 weeks to recover and that's why I really didn't want one this time around

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