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Right side mid/upper back pain

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NewMum26 Tue 07-Mar-17 21:55:19

I'm 32 weeks and have had back pain in my mid to upper back on the right side for a couple of weeks that now and again radiates to my shoulder blade. It's on and off, seems to be ok when I first get up in the morning and gradually gets worse as the day at work goes on. It feels like a burning/dull tired ache that is relieved when I pull my shoulder blades together and stretch my back. By the end of the day at night it's so uncomfortable I just have to lay flat in bed to get some relief. You hear so much about lower back pain so I'm just wondering if this is normal pregnancy muscle/posture strain or something more serious like Pre Eclampsia as I've read you get pain in your right shoulder with this and now I'm freaking out! My blood pressure is normal and not protein in my urine.
Any advice or similar experiences greatly appreciated!

reikizen Tue 07-Mar-17 22:01:57

No, you don't get shoulder pain with pre-eclampsia, you get epigastric pain which relates to your liver and is not felt in your back. By definition you cannot have pre-eclampsia if your blood pressure is normal and you have no proteinurea. You would not have it for a couple of weeks either - you would have severe epigastric pain then be seriously ill very quickly.
You have back pain because you are pregnant, yoga, paracetamol, osteopath, back massage all may help.

Foggymist Tue 07-Mar-17 23:07:18

Well in answer to the poster above I had pre eclampsia and the day before emcs I had the worst upper back pain, heartburn pain that radiated out through my back like a knife to the right of my spine, so yes you can get upper back pain with pre e.

If however your bp is fine and you've no protein it's most likely just muscular, go for a deep tissue massage.

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