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Is it possible hospital is wrong?

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ruthieruthuk Tue 07-Mar-17 21:37:24

I was due on my period over the weekend and was convinced it was coming as i had some brown spotting over the weekend which now seems to have stopped, I've also had some shoulder pain as my 2yr old head butted me in the shoulder at the weekend while we were out, did a test this morning and showed a faint-ish positive line, pic attached, i was worried about etopic pregnancy as i am high risk due to damaged tubes so i went down to the emergency dept, they did two pregnancy tests both after i had been drinking water so my urine was quite dilute, he said its very unlikely i am pregnant as the tests there are slightly better than the high street ones but i had a positive this morning, surely that means something? Time will tell but feeling impatient and wondering if anyone here has had something like this happen?

highinthesky Tue 07-Mar-17 21:39:19

The answer as you know is to be patient....

There is no point in wondering about a false positive/negative at this stage.

Sunshinegirl82 Wed 08-Mar-17 09:00:10

That looks positive to me. Could you get a gp appointment today? They might be able to skip a&e for you if they are concerned? Good luck.

ruthieruthuk Wed 08-Mar-17 10:25:42

I just phoned GP and doc is phoning me, i did these tests this morning and still indicating I'm pregnant

AssassinatedBeauty Wed 08-Mar-17 10:30:15

Those tests look like indisputably positive. Hope the GPs can organise the necessary checks to rule out an ectopic.

DinosaurFanGirl Wed 08-Mar-17 10:32:56

Seems pretty unlikely that you'd have this many false positives! Hope it's not ectopic. Good luck OP x

Unicorndreamer Wed 08-Mar-17 10:35:57

You are definitely pregnant. I work on maternity and the tests we use are not as sensitive as high street brands at all. In fa t I never showed positive on a work test till I was six weeks but had positives from 4 weeks from high street tests xx

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