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Plus size maternity wear - anybody know any good places to get some?

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PurpleLostPrincess Sat 03-Mar-07 23:25:03

I've been on e-bay and I'm really pleased because I got some Next smart trousers (I'm size 22ish) for just over a tenner including delivery. I've bid on a few other items but I'm struggling to find other sites to buy stuff new that is of a 'bigger size' as such!

Dorothy Perkins is good but do you have any other suggestions?

Also, I'm just 11 weeks - does anybody think its too soon to be buying maternity clothes? I'm starting to fill out already but having had 2 m/c's in the past I'm a bit funny about buying stuff too soon - any thoughts on this?


eidsvold Sun 04-Mar-07 09:39:54

i got some from H & M as well as just buying a couple of sizes up with drawstring waistbands for some things as well.

eidsvold Sun 04-Mar-07 09:40:45

unfortunately with no3 - I needed maternity clothing by 12 weeks. If you just start buying a few pieces then you will have it there when you need it rather than having to go and buy loads when you really need it.

ForcesSweetheart Sun 04-Mar-07 09:56:58

I know there aren't too many around, but I came across an ASDA Living Store (only clothes, toys, homewares etc) in The Fort, Glasgow, and they had a decent sized maternity section which I think went to size 22.

charlie999 Sun 04-Mar-07 10:31:32

Next are great and go upto 22. I'm the same size and the bulk of my gear has come from there or e-bay. Also, my trousers (over the bump style) are all size 18 from Blooming marvellous - size 22 trousers I bought from e-bay are far too big - even now at 25+3! I was in maternity clothes early as well as couldn't bear anything tight around my tummy!

pomich26 Fri 29-Jun-07 19:55:27

Have you tried they do from size 16 to a 30

Hope this helps (smile)

brimfull Fri 29-Jun-07 19:57:21

simply be

lizziemun Fri 29-Jun-07 20:58:08

I have got a few tops from evens, as it is mostly smock tops (size 18) when i was about 20wks and i am now 31wks and they are still ok. And they are not as expensive as maternity wear.

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