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Bleeding then faint pregnancy test

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Adelewinchester Tue 07-Mar-17 19:54:00

Hi everyone , just looking for some advice ... my last period date was 26th January 2017 , I took a pregnancy test (3) on 27th February and all came up positive , this weekend I began to have small cramps and light red bleeding . I went to out of hours and my gp and both told me that it isn't abnormal to bleed however I should call my local early pregnancy unit to get everything checked . I phoned them and they told me to wait a week and take another pregnancy test just to make sure I'm still pregnant and they will bring me in for an early scan . I took a test this afternoon (not first thing in the morning )as I couldn't wait a week to see and a faint line showed up . Just wondering if this happened to anyone else or any advice . Thank you smile

ruthieruthuk Wed 08-Mar-17 11:52:19

Could be implantation bleeding maybe? I had a bit with my last pregnancy, had an early scan and all was normal, hope everything is ok for you x

Winnyxx Wed 08-Mar-17 16:59:48

Hello , went for an early scan today and the lining in my womb was thin so things aren't looking too good . Got blood took though so will phone back tomorrow x

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