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BabySensoryTelford Mon 06-Mar-17 15:54:18

I just wondered if anyone could shed any light on my situation. I went for an early resurrance scan due to previous miscarriage at 6 weeks past my lmp scan showed empty sac no yolk and measuring 4 weeks. Now this didn't overly surprise me because it took over a week late for Me to get my bfp with an early detection test. Said they wanted to do hcg so had the test and went back 2 days later. Epau rang and said hcg was only rising by 30 percent and they thought it maybe ectopic. Referred to a different hospital and they confirmed it wasn't ectopic but there was blood in the uterus so would end in miscarriage. They booked me in for a scan a week later. No bleeding and pain still another week and at the scan they could now see a larger gestation sac and yolk sac visible however there was still blood in uterus.

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