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Gestational Diabetes

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user1488806051 Mon 06-Mar-17 15:00:12

Hi there, new here but really wanted to see if anyone has advice/similar experience.
Last Friday I went to hospital with severe migraine with intensifying aura for a week. I have also been feeling extreme heavy tiredness for the last 3 weeks or so, so much, that I took maternity leave earlier than planned as the tiredness was awful. Whilst in hospital they picked up that I had glucose++++. I am booked in for the glucose test tomorrow however over the weekend I have tested my blood sugar levels and they are always about 9 -10 mmols, also dipped my own urine and always glucose and protein present.
looking back at my maternity records my urine was only tested ONCE despite, saying at my 34 week check that I was feeling extremely tired - midwife has written viral symptoms but still it was never checked then either.
I am currently 36+6 and worried what damage this may have caused baby, especially if I have had it a few weeks and its late diagnosed. Also my last two babies over ten years ago were both 9lb ers, but measured small on all my growth charts. No diabetes with these babies. This baby is measuring at the top of all growth scales so is adding to my worry.
I am feeling so anxious about baby, is it reasonable to ask for an induction after 37 weeks, would I even get one or am I worrying unnecessarily. I don't feel confident in the care I am given and feel that it would be safer for baby to be out now.

PoochiePie Wed 08-Mar-17 00:54:21

Hiya, sorry to hear you've been so unwell!
It's quite normal to pass protein and glucose in your wee when pregnant, although high values are much more likely to be a sign that something needs looking at.
Your urine glucose can be high without your blood glucose measuring high, as the kidneys are more 'leaky' and so it's not necessarily a sign that there is too much glucose in your blood.
I take it your blood pressures have all been ok?
Try to stay calm about the whole thing, until you know if you have gestational diabetes then you can't make a plan. They should probably also do some other bloods providing they weren't done during your hospital admission from a protein point of view, so if they're not aware already I would let your antenatal team know about the what's happened.

If things come back abnormal then I'm sure they will look at your baby's growth in a bit more detail to check everything's normal, and if induction is appropriate then they will. But at the moment try to put it to the back of your mind (I know that's hard), and let us know how you get on at your GTT! X

Applebite Wed 08-Mar-17 08:51:30

Try not to worry, as that will increase your blood sugar (adrenaline can do this). You're doing the right thing in getting checked.

Take control of what you're eating now, as a GD diet is good for anyone anyway.

9-10 is too high but it's not dangerously high. I was told it had to be under 7.8 an hour after eating, to put it into perspective for you. Plus it's really the first 12 weeks when high blood sugar can be a problem for development.

However it might mean the baby is a bit chunky, so YaBU to ask for a scan and to talk to them about an early induction if s/he is measuring big! DD was induced at 37 weeks because she looked big on the scans (although in the end she was only 7lbs 4oz, so prob wouldn't have been absolutely enormous at term!).

Lots of luck - and remember, you and the baby will be fine, you're getting it looked at.

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