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Fertility kit - cycle length always different??

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Kweeeeeeenin84 Mon 06-Mar-17 11:34:10

Hi All,
i am only 3 months off of my pill so i know my body is still changing and my cycle is up in the air. However, i have bought a clear blue fertility kit (the one you wee on the stick) and its my first time using one.
It says i need to calculate my cycle and wee on a stick day X depending on my cycle length. Since December my cycle length has been different. Did anyone else have this problem?
December was 23 days, Feb was 22 days and this month so far im on track for 29 days (period still hasnt come, currently 4 days late going by my fertiity app but did a test and not pregnant). should i calculate by my current cycle at 29 days? or should i leave it another month before trying this? i cant help but be impatient, my friend said calculate the average - no idea how i'd do that! any guidance would be appreciated, thanks xx

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